08 May 2010

MBLAQ 2ND Single Album Teaser

Kenapa tak ada orang beri perhatian kepada my baby MBLAQ? XD Yeay All my favourites idol are coming back on MAY! 2PM (okay fine April), Super Junior and MBLAQ too! Heaven XD

cred : ambsubs

Okay I litteraly die when I saw Leejoon kiss a girl on the lips. Azra will be furious haha Why do I got a feeling that the girl he kissed was the Music Bank mc? haha We'll see on the full mv coming on 18 may? 10 more days to go! AAAA Sungho's fighting with leejoon is the hottest scene! Okay the second hottest scene after Leejoon taking shower? XD Seungho is my bias btw. NO Mir, GO and Chondung in the teaser but I hope the three-idiot-village (idol army caption haha) will be shown in the MV.

Instead of going with the dark concept, MBLAQ is going with a sad-heartbreaking concept? No more Oh yeah oh yeah and hello pain XD I'm expecting a good storyline for the mv. The song sound good, R&b Ballad. Cant wait!


  1. HHAHAH..ntah azra nih..x wat lak die sal mblaq...

    haha...leejoon2..nih mesti pasal leejoon cilok awek seungho nih..hhahaa..18May eh??nnti nk curi2 tgk kt matriks lah..hahaa

    Yeah!! ballad song!! wohoooo~

  2. haha i was too lazy or busy, one of those lah haha.

    no i always like to put the mvs & the pm3 together thats y i waited lol.

    plus i do thk it is the music bank host seo hyorim, aftr this ill tell u i did take a picture of seo hyorim & stabbed it with a pair of scissors but hey, dats just me..

    leejoon wit short hair = heaven. haha seungho is beating up leejoon! hurry joon! pull out ur assassinating ninja skills! haha.

    first time i saw this i said this mv looks just like like Rain's Love Story, lol mblaq is coming back wit a ballad song just like rain too rite? lol. want it, want it, i want me sum mblaqq

  3. I was going to say the same thing, MBLAQ is coming with the concept as rain hahahhaahaha


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