12 May 2010

CN Blue back with LOVE MV Teaser!

Jungshin is rockin that long hair & I'm totally in love with Jonghyun's short.. *bigfatsmile!*

Let's Go Crazy BOICEs! CN Blue the 2nd rock band to come out of the geniusness that is FNC Music, is well on their way to releasing Bluelove 2nd Mini Album this May 19th! (I've always wanted to ask what is up with koreans & love?) We can look out for their comeback on M! Countdown on the 20th & of course if all goes well with KBSWORLD Music Bank on the 21st the next day. Pre-Order at YesAsia now!

LOVE MV teaser:

So far CN Blue has released a song written by the Leader Jung Yonghwa himself titled (Love Light) 사랑 빛. (Let me tell you I do NOT appreciate the I'm genie for you girl comment yonghwa! NO I DON'T!) but hey that's just me. I know he's really into hippie reggae inspired acoustic not far from the genre Jason Mraz is currently known for. I won't compare, each mind is brilliant on their own.

So you wanna have a sneak peak of what EACH track in Bluelove is going to be like?

Introduction to BLUELOVE album (from MNET)
Translated by saturn. @soompi forums

is there an explanation why yonghwa's on the roof..?
you don't need to fix the satellite dish honey..

1. Title song "LOVE" is a modern rock song with a shuffle rhythm. Has a combination of acoustic guitar and electric guitar that gives a cool and groovy(? sweet) attraction. You can feel CNBLUE's unique rhythm. From 2nd verse, it's changed to metal and you can feel Jung Yong Hwa's powerful rap.

2. "Sweet Holiday" is cheerful rock number of CNBLUE's style. Calm intro then changed to vital and cheerful beat. Drummer Kang Min Hyuk wrote the lyrics! He shows how a twenty-year-old boy feels the emotion of love.

3. "Black Flower" (is a cool title, Flower Rock anyone?) is of the rock genre. Minor song plus shuffle rhythm. You can hear Jung Yong Hwa's powerful singing ability.

4. "Tattoo" has lyrics and composition by Jung Yong Hwa. It has strong sounds and funky elements. After refrain, the hook part expresses strong and pathetic feeling.

5. "Love Light" also had its lyrics and composition by Jung Yong Hwa. Acoustic guitar and Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jong Hyun's vocal are well mixed. It has a beautiful melody and lovely lyrics which makes your heart full of love. It's a lovely song which makes listeners feel many emotions.

6. "Let's Go Crazy" is from CNBLUE's first Indie album from Japan. It lets you enjoy a cheerful and powerful rhythm which Jung Yong Hwa's unique vocal makes you want to listen to.

Well, well, well what can I say? Am I freaking out? Yes, but I'm more in the shocked mode now, I haven't had time to digest all of this. Coming out with another korean album just after 4 Months of their debut?? To add on the craziness is FT Island's Flower Rock single is dropping on the same day! Also with all the top-notch comebacks from the likes of Davichi, Super Junior, SS501, and the already set King Rain, Queen Lee Hyori & Beastly 2PM, I REALLY REALLY hope CNBLUE reaches the top no sweat!

AH!! I have now understood how this album can be as awesome as Now or Never, Voice and Bluetory, let's indie ROCK!

(enjoy the HQ large pics, from my heart to yours..)

cr:felicitygaea@YT, effpoo4our


  1. hahaha.. gosh goshh!!~~ i don't know why.. but ahahaha.. i just started to like the cnblue's music style!!
    yg lawaknye pasal diorunk nye comeback and album is that diorunk lg awal kluar album dr super junior!!=______=;;
    Wahaha.. x per x per ak suker!!
    anyway, don't forget that 4 MINUTE also coming through this May!!XDD

  2. lol, yes! another boice pulled in!
    eh 4minute's in may too? i thot it would be in June wit 2ne1! wtf noooo tooo much stars, i'll go blindd.

  3. ahahaha.. currently noobie boice.
    psst.. i think i'm into d-na's fans more than everything once i feel betrayed about toho's activities suspension!! LOL!!
    I just stalked KARAM ME2DAY and he is so effin' cute!! I guess can I make a post about him? ^__^

  4. sure! spazz all u want honey tp xkn smue psal karam jerr haha. i joined all the d-na forums, tp lme xcheck haha. whn r they gna hav a comeback btw?? i miss my fresh meat dna a lot!

  5. Love love love! Clap Clap! Wahh..cam bez je!!


  6. haha yess, omg i just listend to previews of fti's songs in flower rock, gempak gle!! i cannot waaiiitt. lme nyee...

    Happy BDay my baby, here comes cnblue's birthdays! june is yonghwa & minhyuk! alah lpe jungshin is in august rite...? =S

  7. hahaa..gempak?? ok..post kt sni nnti..nk dgr..hahaa..

    Nope...Jungshin 15th septmber laa..

  8. oh haha *slapshead* im a bad boice! T.T

    mm haha i really want to, but their album's coming out soon anyways so xyah ah. it'll spoil. just listen kt youtube if cant wait lol.

  9. yeay my other hubby is coming back, yonghwa! hehe

    lol teaser die cm mv fti-barae haha

    random eng coming out from the teaser XD

  10. oh yeah! haha same concept gak an? sort of lol. yeah where was that guy that spoke eng in the real mv?? pelikkk


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