04 May 2010

U-Kiss Vons Chicken CF~

Is that real puppy or patung?? Haha..Comel je Kiseop :)

After 2PM with their It's Skin Sunblock, okayh now it's time for U-Kiss eat that yummy chicken!! Yeah!! As we all know, Kpop artist did many CF isn't?? Hhhaha..though, korean have a lot chicken CFs..hahaa..They like chicken so much!!! So do I~


Hhahaa..cam Ayamas!! Looks yummy but we totally can cannot eat it..So cute lohh U-Kiss <3 They also incorporated the choreography of their popular track 'Bingeul Bingeul' in the CF while waving around a pair of drumsticks in the air.
Hehe..I like Eli when he do his move with the chicken!! He's so handsome!! Dongho at the end..Cute~

P/s: cam dah sangap U-Kiss lak skang...hahhaa..19th June!! x sabo nih =p


  1. hhaha omg efff!! this is soo adorable!!! kevinnnn XD.

    hahhaa i saw this like 3 x if i see more i thk i'll go crazy. haha my gosh kiseop comel bwat bingeul2 lol. & then omg dongho at the end!!! ah~~ mashisa!?? *squeezescheeks!*

  2. HAHAHA..I think I fall in love with kiseop laa..lohh..comel laa die!! waaaa!!~

    HEHEHE..yeahh!! I want more U-Kiss <3

  3. ur rite awin! xleh saba ah utk ukiss nih, like i want to get it over with so i dont have to wait for anything & can go to school in peace! lol

  4. Iklan korea besh2 haha

    COMELLL!! They look so adorable! nak squeeze cheeks semua orang gak hahaha

  5. oh and lagu iklan nih catchy gila! nak lirik hahaha

  6. haha..2 rr..catchy gler en..lyric?? mne de lyric CF..x jmpe un..hahaha..=p


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