04 May 2010

FT Island's MTV Artist of the Month May!

So I was just sitting at home wondering why Invincible Youth wasn't on and so I changed the channel to MTV to watch for the very first time 2AM's I Was Wrong MV (sorry bout that teehee). Well that's besides the point, so I was thinking oh! wait.. who's the Artist of the Month this May?? And who else do I see on the website widget that flicked onto the five treasured faces of F.T. ISLAND!!!

month of May calendar boys, I enjoy you rocking out!

Hahahahahha I'm sorry I keep spazzing loads about them recently, well as MTV Asia sees it, it's the Five Treasures Month! On the fifth month of the Year, ironic? I have waited for them to get the recognition for 7 long months from the start of Big Bang holding the crown from the 1st Asian Takeaway Artist to represent KPOP. And yes I picked my kitty up immediately and started jumping around like an effing lunatic around the house at the sight of my babies. FT Island as MTVASIA's Asian Takeaway Artist of the Month of MAY! *sigh* I can die happy now.

HD version of Flower Rock PV:

I hope they have a SWAG giveaway like they did for BEAST's Shock Album, I want my hands on a brand new copy of the Flower Rock Single! Speaking of which, I hope they pali pali show the Flower Rock PV on mtv! I will kick myself hard in the ass butt if I missed a single day. Congratulations to F.T. Island! Hurray for Primadonnas!

Remember to Twitter Trend #flowerrock on May 19th
@ 6pm KST, 5pm MY -> for celebration of the album release!

Watch Asian Takeaway's JK Hits:
-weekdays @ 6pm
-weekends @ 7pm

cr: www.mtvasia.com/Music/FeaturedArtist/FTIsland/


  1. Oh, Invicble youth da abes ek?? hrmmm..

    WOWW!! FTI eh!! congratz2!! Azra mesti excited gler ni!! Flower Rock mesti ade nye..lmbt sket kot..hahaa.. :)

  2. haha x bru check ari ni, kbs for this week @ 6pm-7pm is Flowers of Life? tu eh tjuk die.
    because the programs dont have new episodes.
    -Invincible Youth, Let's Go! Dream Team, will resume their usual time slot next week.

    haha damn rite i was excited! haha i knew u could do it boys! you kno i'll go crazy if i see flower rock on tv fwuahahhaa.

  3. Owhh..yahh..today no dream team! arghhh~ x bez tol!! next week I'm awayyyy~~~

    HAHAHA..same with me if i see BEAST-SHOCK!! huahuahau..

  4. you are crazy awinn why are you leaving me now when ss501, wonder girls, 8eight, davichi, mblaq, super junior are all coming back this monthhh T.T

  5. haha..nk wat camne..dah MATRIKS intake this 10th may!! haha..xpe azra, you can watch all of them for me ok!!

    and and spazzing all their new songs sorang2~ until june je..hehehe

  6. haha sdeh doh, dh ah int connection xtaw cmne lak. haha. dangit ok i'll get help from alia & chibi. alia msti nk wat suju pnye an haha.

    aigoo forgot bout 4min & fti pnye japanese debuts jgak! arrr

  7. auww congratz fti! ^^

    azra, you can leave wg, mblaq and suju to me :P

  8. yay! lol ok i'll do ss501 mmg nk pon haha, cnblue & fti. haha wee. why they hell do they ALL have to comeback at the same time?? i swear there will be fanclub murders next lol.

    u wna do 8eight too? im not a huge fan. haha. weee i want a fti marathonnn. i dont want a dato sheila majid marathon wth is that?? lol


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