01 May 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 (300410)

30 April 2010

1. Rain - Love Song
2. 2PM - Without U
3. Lee Hyori ft Ceejay of Freshboyz - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4. Yesung (Super Junior) - It Has To Be You (Cinderella Step Sister OST)
5. SNSD - Run Devil Run
6. Secret - Magic
7. After School - Bang
8. Kara - Lupin
9. 2AM - I Did Wrong
10. Mc Mong ft Seo Inyoung - Bubble Love
11. Seeya-Sarangi Mongkeul (My Heart is Touched)(Personal Taste OST)
12. T-ara - I Go Crazy Because Of You
13. K Will - Present (Feat Eun Ji Won)
14. Brown Eyed Soul - I'll Leave
15. Rain - Hip Song
16. SNSD - Oh
17. Younha-Maldo Andwae (No Way)(Personal Taste OST)
18. Mighty Mouth ft Baek Ji Young - Will Love Come?
19. Monday Kiz- Goodbye My Princess (Prosecutor Princess OST)
20. Beast - Shock

cred: effpoo4our@blogspot

Thank you Awin for listing all of this. Anyone know the ?? part please tell us yeah? :P Oh and thanks again Awin and Azra for the available download link :P I'll try to search and complete the list. Which remind me that I haven't complete my Music Bank K-Chart March Top 20 =.= Mian.... Awin just help me to finish the list! HAHA Thanks Awin!

Honestly, I haven't really listen to Kpop songs lately. Blame my sister, she brain washed me with english songs back.... =.=

- Rain number one? Wow congratz, though I knew it'll happen lol...
- 2PM is in second place? I'm so freaking proud! Huggggss. I haven't watch the performance yet ughh.
- Rain VS Hyori... Interesting, though, I prefer idol group haha
- Yesung has his own OST song? I don't know that... Such a bad Suju's fan I am ughh
- Kara, SNSD and T-ara still hanging there? haha
- Secret! WOW This is mazic lol That is weird but awesome! I love them btw :P
- I wish After School, 2AM and Beast have won more. Blame Music Bank for cancelling their show for 1 month! Poor After School, 2AM and Beast, not a good time to come back eh?

Anyone debut or making a come back today? I.Seriously.Need.To.Watch.Music.BANK!


  1. chunglim and norazo's comeback!! hahaa..oh,and jerry's debut..the one yg kikwang look alike..allkpop yg ckp...kte x ckp..laen jek!haha..

    hhehe..ok..ur welcome..sorry xdpt 3 songs..x sempat nk record..nnti cube tnye azra..kte suh die wat gk kchart ni..hahaa..smgt demi blog =D

  2. eh myb i missed the whole 20-11 k-chart lol. sorry dunno.

    30th April
    -Comebacks: Rain, Lee Hyori, Secret, 2PM, Chunglim
    -Goodbye Stage: 2AM, SNSD
    -Debut Stage: Gil Hak Mi? I thk so yup.

  3. oh thanks girls! gonna check em out at youtube :P

  4. heh!! Gil Hak Mi's debut eh?? ceh, i missed it!!
    Youtube time!! Thanks azra..hahaa..
    Lagu2 yg xdpt uh nnti je laa..mggu dpn alia record laa..hahhaa

  5. haha yeah the whole show was just the people i listed. sbb they did 2 songs each for comebacks so cm takes a lot of time out of mb.

    normal perfs was like Ukiss - What & Ze:a - All Day haha.

    Soya N Sun Debut jugak lol. i thot it was Navi, but then i was like no it isnt. but her voice is really good like Navi! lol.


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