04 May 2010

FT Island's Summer Litmus 2010

Let the ACID floww...

FT Island has been endorsing the label LITMUS since their debut years of 2007. Each year on every one of the 4 Seasons, FT Island becomes the main endorser and source of inspiration for the clothing apparel. Their fresh punk-rock style makes them the perfect match for LITMUS's ACID SOUL Campaigns. Its now the year 2010 and FTI seems to have endorsed for 4 years now! Litmus just keeps on re-signing new contracts with them!

Behind the Scenes (I don't expect any less then dorkiness out of them, but people said the boys were super hot in these ones! Haaave to waatchh *prizombie*)

Don't you feel it's a CF season anyways? After juust completing Spring Litmus 2010. The boys are back. I swear I love this concept of Pastel-Paint bright concept, it's perfect for Summer! (isn't it summer everyday in Malaysia?) I think Minhwan was the hottest in the pics, but ah! I dunno, I think I'm falling in love with him now hahaha. Nooo, not another one, its the 1st time with him X).

[PICS] Summer Litmus 2010.rar

Check out the commercial pics!
(pics are large)

This is my favorite picture of Chicken Minari... X)

cr: juliaa@soompi, nekohae@LJ


  1. Serious weh, those pictures are awesome!! pandai dorang posing2..the best photoshoot!! colourful i like!! hhahaa...yeah, minhwan is the cutest kot..his hair..waaa,cute2!!

    Eh, Hongki dah kurus! yey!! hahaaa..=D

  2. lol does anybody know why hongki's tongue is red? haha.

    *blogger resized the pics on this post to appear small, if you click on them the real size is large*

    haha i love litmus! is it weird that i want boys clothes?? haha

  3. HAHAHA! maybe hongki baru makan gula2 kot..

    hahaa...yahh, the pictures are large..leh wat desktop background..hekhek..

    nope..I like hongki's sleeveless sweater uh!! I want that!! hahahaa..=p

  4. haha makan gula2 its funny to think the crew gave hongki some candy to make his tongue that way. i was thinin of a popsicle ice cream. ade unni pnggil hongki's porn tongue lol.

    ok i want the puffy skirt outfit! looks so cute. yg hongki nk paint the girl tu bwat pe. haha

  5. ouhh..popsicle ice cream!! korean love that rite!! hahaa..huh??really?? HAHAHA!!

    Ouhh..yah..the white skirt eh?? cute2..haha..azra, don't be jealous =p one of his best posing!! hahaa

  6. i like the 'paint is spilling' pic, jaejin xleh blah mke die hahaha!

    aaa muke minnie with sucking the lollipop, someone stab me, you are mine now minhwan!! XD

  7. im surprised that the pics turn out to be so good! look how they were posing in the video! -.- even the girl lol okay I watch to much antm lol

    lidah hongki kena cat la korang, nmpk sgt dorg tgh men cat kan? HAHAHA

    omg wtheck happened to jaejin's hair? cepat gila panjang???! noooo!!!

    loving this photoshoot! i wish we have photoshoot like this and f(x)'s. one of us should buy dslr now! and own a studio lol

  8. haha xkn dorg put paint kt tongue die? die "idol" la honey haha no damage to the boy! haha, i thik myb its just artificial colouring they put on his tongue, or they just made him suck on a lollipop for a long time haha.

  9. Can you tell me who's the female model? I'm dying to know. TQ...Oh, my fav is Jonghoon. But I don't like his new hairstyle.


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