16 May 2010

Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears MV

Okay so I figured doing a seperate post was better than squishing all 3 versions of the music video in my last post was a better idea.

Wonder Girls has released the English Version, Korean Version, and Chinese Version of 2 Different Tears Music Video. So despite how I dislike am unimpressed with the song, I hope the MVs are a right side better that makes the song bearable. I like seeing the girls again though! I missed seeing them in a new music video..

English Version:

Korean Version:

Chinese Version:


The funniest part of the mv I think is "he has a body of a pikachu.." JYP you actually cracked me up. I think I prefer the english version of the song, since they rhyme properly, the korean version fails to hit a nerve, but they say the chinese is more suitable!

Also, since I wasn't to happy about the recent EP release, I am waiting for the Wonder Girls real new album releasing this July. So stay tuned!


  1. Try to listen the song many many times and you will love it,aox! (Hahaha.. That's what I've been doing when my ears can't listen to certain song that just got released. Example:- Shock, Run Devil Run, NU ABO and Bonamana.. LOL to mostly SM song artistes.)
    kay, my review
    No one could expect less with Wonder Girls' MV. JYP always do the dorkiest, funniest and weirdest MV with Wonder Girls. LOL. Love Bobby Lee playing the alien. hahahaha.

    Kay, I'm a bit surprised that Hae Lim is the one who sing after Ye Eun. Her voice is so clearl. (Sorry, I'm stuck with English Version in my head. Korean Version is somewhat sounds weird now. Hahaha)

    And yay to Yoobin to have more lines. ^__^ Owhh Owhh her rap great great.

    Ye Eun as always looking good as well Sunye. I just love Ye Eun's opening. ^__^ And **sobs** Ye Eun looks so similar with our ex-Wonder Girls, Sun Mi when she did her hair into two pigtails. Kay, i'm undoubtedly miss our missy alien!!>__<. No need to say about SOhee. Just stay like that.

    OWHH!! And don't forget JYP in WIG. Epic hilarious!XD

  2. ahhh xleh copy paste lak dr site len -.-

    JYP sengal gila xtahan hahahahahhaa blond wig hahahha wteff, trying to speak chinese hahahah fail XD nape la die suka menyengalkan (its not a real word) diri die dlm mv2 wg?

    sunye sket! =.=

    haelim nyanyi... 'im trying to figure out how to move 0on with my... LEG???!' am I hearing correctly? lol

    chorus xcatchy sgt but I love 'so I love you *insert yoobin's lil rap* so i hate you *insert yoobin's lil rap* haha

    yeay WG comeback!~

  3. @alia - spe copy paste??
    i thk in eng versions of wg songs yoobin's rap is the best part

    @chibi - HAHAH! no way! thats exactly wat i tried to do after the song first came out. DOESNT WORK! its totally stuck as annoying in my head. i thk the song would do better without the "tears tears" (it sounds like how ppl do "ooh ooh") completely just get rid of it.

    i thk i woulda forgiven a boring song, an annoying song is much worse.. =(

  4. Huu...ketinggalan2!! baru dpt tgk..hahaha..

    @chibi- ermm..1st time dgr x sdp laa...cam lagu zaman 70-an je..lagu disco..hahaa..errmm,tau xpe..dgr byk kli baru bez kot..

    Sohee pakai swimming suit ohh!! hahaha.. tp sume HOT laa!! yg eng version ok..yg korean version..yeah..pelik sket dgr..hahahaa..

  5. haha tak2, aku yg xleh copy paste dr tmpt len. da komen pjg kat sane, tp xleh copy sgl je


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