08 May 2010

Super Junior - 미인아 Miina (Beauty) MV Teaser

On2 je terus update pasal Suju XD Nih nak marah ni tak ada orang spazz pasal Suju ni :P

Okay, so SM has finally released Super Junior 4th album teaser. Are you all excited?! Honestly, knowing that I’m not gonna be around to spazz about them makes me only half excited =.= But at least I have two weeks more to spazz about them right? XD Ermm this is weird. F(x) baru nak comeback kan? Kenapa sama-sama dengan Suju? Haha


Cred : sment

First person I saw was Siwon, with tuxedo. I’ve seen a lot of that before so nothing new lol And the second person I saw was Eeteuk. I mean bare Eeteuk! And I was like, is that really Eeteuk? Seriously? THAT's what we called NEW! HAHAHAHAHAH Why did he has to show his skinny body? XD Not complaining :P Sungmin, Ryeowook, Heechul (I thot it was Donghae lol I got impatient), Kyuhyun, more Siwon, Eetuek and more Siwon, sleveless DONGHAE, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Donghae Kyuhyun Ryeowook, Shindong, Yesung, Siwon (again) Shindong, Yesung… Okay they keep repeating the same person lol THERE’S FREAKING LOTS OF SIWON THERE. I wish they show more Hae, Hyuk, Kyu or even Min. I don’t see lots of Sungmin? But I see lots of Ryeowook <3

I can’t really hear much of the song yet so I can’t expect anything yet. I hope it’ll be much awesome than Sorry Sorry. 4jib daebak!

Vampire? 10 people? Last album? Read more lol

I heard a rumour that they’ll go with vampire concept? It just a RUMOUR but still…. Why vampire? I prefer werewolf :P (Which remind me of 2PM XD)

So as some of you might know, they’ll be only 10 of them for this album. Kibum is still absent because of his acting career (which I still don’t get it =.=) Hankyung because of the.. yknow sue cases lol and Kangin..=.= He’ll be going to army anytime soon. This is a good thing since he can’t even participate in any of Suju activities. I wish him all the best and he’ll be a better person in the future. I still love you bb ^^ I'm really gonna miss 13 of them on stage =.=

There are no confirmation that this gonna be their last album yet. Everyone just assume that this gonna be their last album since Eetuek will be on army enlistment thing anytime soon and there’s no one to lead Suju lol Face it, he’s an old grandpa XD I don’t think Heechul will be going to army tho. I thot he has some… health problem? Isn’t he?

PS: I’ve been cheating on Suju a lot lately. Blame 2PM for coming back with awesome songs (as usual)! Congratulation for winning 1st place in music bank 2PM! I haven’t watch your MB performance yet haih


  1. Hhahaha..marah ke?? lek rr..mmg nk suh kmu yg wat sal suju..nk tggu MV n lagu2 diorang kaur nnti..

    hahaha..Ryeowook HOT glerrr!!! miss him soo much!!! ;)

    Miina..miina..I hope lagu nih will be catchy and best lohh!!

    Super Junior comeback!!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaahhh. i have to give it to them this is a kickass teser!

    whoa eeteuk surprised me wit his skin haha, evn tho alia already wrote so haha. i thk sungmin & heechul looks totally tadorable!! XD i like.

    haha i dont understand why kyu's hair is like that though, he looks like an 80's break dancer wit those sunglasses & all those bling hahaha.

    i now understand whyy u capitalized DONGHAE haha, sleeveless is awesomeee haha.

    yay! a song about b2st fans! haha ok im just kidding!! the song sounds eff gempak, aigoo T.T no chance for other bands to take the crown this march aaah! y u gotta comeback now suju?? coomeback whn no one's here laaah lol

  3. suju always comeback during the middle of year XD


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