29 May 2010

Super Junior-Boom Boom + Miina (Bonamana) Comeback Stage + 4th Album [Tracklist]

Bounce to you(2x)!!

Hhahaa..I know you guys out there must have watched Super Junior's cameback on Music Bank right..but I still want to put their cameback video because I like Boom Boom song actually..First time I listened to Bonamana it was a little bit a weird song and after listened so many times and I kept singing this song in Matriks even in lectures hall so I didn't felt sleepy..so cold in there you know..! hahaa..and check out the interview..Yesung and Siwon!! So funny..sengal je =D

Here's the english translation for the interview:

Yesung vs Siwon

Q: Who is Siwon in Super Junior?
YS: Siwon is our centre

Q: Who is Yesung in Super Junior?
SW: He's our charisma (charismatic eyes)

Q: What is Siwon's attribute?
YS: Siwon's charm is his chocolate abs.
EH: 6 pack!

Q: What is Yesung's attribute?
SW: He's a burden
An irresistible burden

Q: If you could change places for a day...
YS: If I could change places with Siwon for a day, I'd like to try out a kissing scene in his drama (Oh! My Lady)
SW: Nope.

YS, SW: Anyway,


Bonamana Bonamana Bonamana~

미 인 아 (BONAMANA)
나쁜 여자 (Boom Boom)
응결 (Coagulation)
나란 사람 (Your Eyes)
My Only Girl
사랑이 이렇게 (My All Is In You)
Shake It Up!
잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
좋은 사람 (Good Person)
Here We Go

Fuhh, so many tracks!! Love this album for sure <3 hahaa..ermm,'Coagulation'?? haha..tetibe terigt Chemistry.. =p

Eh, and you know what..there is Ryeowook single there!! Omo..Ryeowook's single 'One Fine Spring Day' is awesome!! Seriously, I'm melting listening his sweet voice in ballad!! Wahhh..

Yeay!! Thanks for the uploading azra!!! and always keep this blog alive..so rajin lah you..I owe you a lot okayh..hehhee :)


  1. kekeke kte yang patot wat pasal suju tapi tahap malas punye gaban hahahahah sorry suju :P plus xleh wat post awal2 sbb ada mp3/album hahaha

    tym tgk interview uh xphm, tp tergelak2 sbb reka dialog sendiri hahahah

    coagulation? hahaha serius kte x dw lagi lagu2 dorang HAHAHAHAH kejam punya peminat

    awin kecoh pasal matrix! xpe nnt kte kecoh psl uitm lak hahahah

    yup, keep the blog alive~ thanks azra and chibi ^^

  2. hehheheheh awin xde rr, agk malas kot korg xde kt sini, plus thnx to chibi who dh start rajin post gak! XD

    lol bonamana sounds like sorry sorry but i dint thk it was so bad at first listen. knew it was catchy. have tried to listen to the full album, but a FULL album needs more listen time to see wich tracks are good lol.

    thnx for posting! the first pic of suju is hottttttt

  3. @alia- hahaha..kte baru tgk interview ni..arituh x tgk..
    lagu coagulation uh bez gak..lagu ballad lah..

    hahaha..kecoh rr pasal uitm lak..nak tau gak..nnti kte nk kecoh sal kat penang lak rr..mggu dpn kte kuar matrix..wohoo,pas2 duk umh je!! leh on9 everyday until 30jun!! wahahahaa...

    @azra- ha'ah..chibi da rajin post and chattin kt cni dah..good2!!

    hahaa..me 2!! da dgr full album gak.. tp yeah needs more time..bonamana,boom boom and ryeowook single je igt...hhehee..

  4. @ awin haha i thk thats y i cant stick to a song so soon, i dnt thk i heard kyu's full voice in a song yet, or i wasnt paying attention xP.

    mwo?? ur leaving matrix..next week.. wats hallelujah in muslim-ie? alhamdulillah! omg ur staying home till june 30th owh TT.TT, im so happy. happy ur back awinnn!!! XD

  5. eh aku sorg je ke yg xdgr lg? HAHAHHA and i call myself elf lol

    @awin - yeah awin balek jaga blog hahahha
    @azra - sengal

  6. @azra- hahaa..eh, azra ske kyu eh..igt heechul..hahaa..

    ermm..no2,bkn smapi 30jun..30jun nk p penang naa..hehee..2 rr..i jage blog plak..korang dah xde nnti..

    @alia- tah alia ni..elf pe laa..isk3

  7. @awin hahaha sorry! such a bad taker carer of the blog, but if someone's here u kno ill be a good blogger again lol. i guess i need a mother blogger or something lol

    aku cm mlas nk g uitm g straight at aug later ape masalah kn? -asks my parents..

    my fave is kyu! mmg kyu sbb first jmpe btol2 suju kt *gldenbell one day, and fell in love, alia was tearing out her hair that i liked him haha

    i like heechul most of sometimes lol. hmm dno why.

    @alia taw xpe elf an no.1 elf lol


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