09 May 2010

2PM and the "Nobody But LA" Twitter Contest with Wonder Girls

Catch up with 2PM as they talk about their upcoming June 11 tour stop in LA with Wonder Girls!

cred : theblendedgroup

I love this. Epic cute! Too much cute scene >.< Watch it! ‘You guys enjoy the show, thank you’

Enter for a chance to win VIP seats to the June 11, Los Angeles Show
-So if you are legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or District of Columbia, (b) are at least eighteen (18) years of age, what are you waiting for? Tweet ‘Hey @nobodybutla! I wanna meet the #wondergirls June 11 in Hollywood with @livenation http://bit.ly/bka3MQ’ or any message containing both @nobodybutla and #wondergirls in you Twitter Account! The main reason why I have my personal twitter acc is to enter contest like this! Lol To bad I don’t live in US…

For more details visit http://wondergirls.theblendedgroup.com/

Dyou know Junsu and Nichkun have their own Twitter account? @Jun2daKAY and @Khunnie0624 Not under the JYP one. They never used that twitter lol How come I just knew this =.=

JYP send your babies Wonder Girls, 2PM and 2AM to Malaysia please~


  1. Hhhahaa..Junsu lawak!! 'Just kidding', 'I love u guys' ...comel jee..

    Khun yeah!! hahaaa..

    Wahh..bestnye klo dpt gi! klo duk LA en bez..hrmmm.. Wahhh..meh dtg Malaysia!!

  2. haha suppperr adorable!! lol. haha so funny. tae's ur english souds so korean now lol. but nichkhun is still so fluent! my baby! too bad wooyoung dint get to say much.

    junho's eng is so adorable why does he remind me of minhwan so muchh?!? they speak the same too lol.

    taec: we have really big news for you guys
    (blom ckp pape lg un)
    everyone: waaah!! whaaah!!


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