28 May 2010

4minute - HUH (Hit Your Heart) MV + Comeback Stage + 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

Waaahhh..sorry girls dah lame x update..2 weeks x blk umh un..tp kat matriks mmg bez..hahaha..but nnti kita nak pi penang naa..azra and chibi da tau ke lom?? hahaa..hrmm..

Gamba phone cf kot..tp cam lawa plak..hahaa..

Okayh..back to our topic..Yeahh!! 4minute's comeback after BEAST said goodbye!! yeah, they cameback last week but I was at school that time..didn't brought my laptop..hahaa..but today I managed to watch their performance..woho00!! So energetic now after I saw CUBE family together!! Their new song HUH was very catchy and awesome!! All their songs before were awesome too...Let's watch the MV and comeback stage performance on Music Bank if you didn't watched it yet..

Cred: 4minuteofficial

Huh huh huh!! Yeayy!! So glad my BEAST boys appeared along with 4minute!! Really miss my KiKwang..hahahaa... Who's next?? 4minute!! Jiyoon's hair cool gila!! they are extremely sexy in those outfits!! suka gila time diorang dancing yg dorang kangkang ( camne nak eja??) uh ..hahhaa... cam energetic gila laa..FANTASTIC!!

Ouhh..Read more for their comeback performance on Music Bank!!~

Cred: mrkpooper4

hehee..Happy to see BEAST in the beginning!! hahaha...Actually this song is stuck in my head right now..I really need new songs now since I didn't watch kpop for about 3 weeks I think..sob3 :(

Tracklist time <3

-Who`s Next? (Feat. Beast)-
-I My Me Mine-
-태연하게 당연하게(Cool and Natural)-

Uhhh.. I haven't listen all the songs yet..downloading..argghh..so slow..but I think 4minute's album are the best! always the best! ahaha..owh yahh..Thanks eh azra for uploading 4minute songs!! Senang sket keje...hahahaa..


  1. haha welcome darl. missed u tonnes!

    lol i kno i dint get to watch 4minute for 2 weeks now! evryone came back too T.T.

    actually the mv i LOVED B2ST's part the best! hahaha im so bad evn tho i love 4minute i thot b2st and the cube family was just beasty!

    my faves in the album are who's next and cool and natural. not a big fan of the album right now, i thot 4minute would have better than Muzik songs, but i'll try to listen more to see which songs grow on me ^-^

    thnx for posting!

  2. ahaha.. suker chingaling chingaling chingaling hai!!~~
    bwahaha.. cam x caye sumer da jadi lawa2..
    paling x knal jiyoon and magnae.
    laen bebenor mase 1st tyme tgok. LOL.
    Hahaha.. skunk kter nye keje tinggal double s and cn blue tuk potong ringtone. wuuu

  3. haha chibi i love sohyun with short hair! mmg patut un they cut their hair. all of them wit long hairs equal no individuality.

    my faves now are 1.hyuna, 2.jiyoon, 3.sohyun and gayoon and jihyun je yg xkenal sgt lol.

    magnae sohyun's rap in huh is so beasty!!

  4. @azra- hahaa..me 2!! part BEAST plg bez!! rndu gler BEAST!! phm2 je laa...hahahaa..okayh! baru dgr sume lagu..

    I like whos next,huh,bababa and cool n natural too..cool n natural such a sweet ballad..but I still can't recognised their voices lah except hyunah kot..hhehee..susah dowh..

    I love sohyun too!! sesuai gler short hair!! jihyun leader rite?? tp x nmpk cam leader un..nmpk cam hyunah yg leader..hhahaaa..

    @chibi- wohh...lawa kan dorang!! dgn rmbut baru dorang!! fuhhh!! eh, rajin n cpt plak wat ringtones byk2 ni..slalu lmbt wat..hahaha..da lme x tgk pure addiction!! nak curi ringtones!! hahahaa...

  5. ahaha.. i know right?
    right now trend is short hair is better!! maybe only hyuna with long hair is great. LOL.

    I wander when they will move to golden hair like g-d. Puhahahah

  6. ahaha.. bkan rajin la..
    da mcm giler belambak ringtone x wat.
    phobia kowt...
    tp terpaksa gagahkan diri wat gak..isk..
    dgn komp tgah saket2 ni..
    mcm kene cpat bwat before others wat comeback.
    yg payah bler sumer comeback la..nggggg

  7. @chibi - hahaaa..komp tgh saket eh?? sian2..maknenye die suh kmu bli lptop bru laa tuh..hahaha..
    ouhh..bagoz2..chibi hwaiting!! pasni byk lg nk comeback!!

  8. patot who's next jadi diorang nye comeback song uwaaaa who's next best gila kot, kecewa huhu

    magnae ada part yg melambangkan die, yeay! haha

    4minute cun gilaaaa

  9. @alia hahaha i kno rite! pttunye who's next should be longer and become their comeback song, lg gempak kott. POH-MIN-UTE!

    @chibi haha hyuna wit short hair? klw cm muzik, purple ew not good.

    oh noh, i thk kpop should be passd the platinum blonde hair fever by now lol, so 2009? lol

  10. tu la nak lagi panjannnnnnnngggg. teaser da gempak abes haih

  11. aaah agk shocked plak ade jk drunken tiger too, haha it was super beasty wit all the boys there. but i did think 4minute was unnecessarily too sexy, like omg! they're all under age still! cept gayoon and jihyun eh?


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