12 May 2010

Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2st/Beast Postpone!

Looking for us?

Some people have been asking us weather Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2ST/BEAST is confirm or not. Here is e-mail from the organizer, I got this from MyB2utys forum so check it out there.
Dear All,

Our Poprainbow Culture & Music Festival that is supposed to be in June 2010 will have to be postpone to a later date in November. We have been informed that the venue (Merdeka & National Stadiums) renovation that are supposed to end in March are still undergoing some construction works and will not be ready in the month of June. We have other options that can replace the said venue but there are no other available venues that can accommodate our target audience during the month of June. So we have already decided to postpone the event to November 2010.

Due to the postponement of the event we will have to postpone the scheduled Beast fans meeting that are supposed to be in 5th June 2010 to a later date that will be informed later. We have to reschedule all the fans meeting to a later date in order to synchronize with our new promotional timeline.

To those who have purchased Beast fans meeting ticket from us, can refund 100% of their ticket purchased. Or you could save your seat for the fans meeting that are going to be held on a later date that we will inform later. We will start refunding your tickets starting next two week.

We will keep you update regarding the fans meeting. We are deeply sorry and would like to apologize for the inconveniences.

Thanks for all your support.
So, there is still no confirmation that Beast is still coming to Malaysia this year. The organizer said that the event will be postpone up until November? That's long way to go, but I somehow feel glad. (Cause 5th June is not a good date for me :P) Lets wait for another 6 months for our beastly idol Beast! hehe Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ps: Awin, why dyou have to leave me during time like this =.=


[UPDATE]: This event has been moved to official organizer Universal Music Malaysia. Refer to this post regarding BEAST's Showcase in Malaysia in June 26th.


  1. wth..postponed...
    nsib bek xbeli tiket g...
    kne start save money from now...
    harus pergi nnt

  2. tuh la postpone lak, xpe2 mari save money from now! huhuhu

  3. the renovation supposed to be done on march~ but will not be ready yet during June?? lousy contractor >.< well~ i suggest all the fans that already purchased the tickets to REFUND ur MONEY back first.. buy next time when they have confirmed everything..
    *i cant understand why all the fanmeeting have to be postponed becoz the festival is postponed*

    Taegoon's fanmeeting that supposed to be held this weekend oso being postponed to an unknown date @.@

  4. wah, this is some tragdy, well its not a big deal since u guys can refund rite? haha. yeah i wanna save money for whoever else thats coming lol. kpop hawiting!

    (alia haha i kno rite, awinn whr ruuuu, i need here here noww. i'm sorry i cant help much, really tight time, bz wit ftiforum, drive & cnblue nk comeback lakkk) mianhae..

  5. @veron- i dont trust poprainbow unless they successfully bring one artist from korea hahah

    @azra-i have really tight time tooo!!!!!! shopping back to school lol, health checkup, make one bank acc for my own, packing, shopping again, lepak-ing with anyone left lol, oh yeah i need to finish your cd and others korean drama/variety show i have to catch up! not to mention us show =.= now suju, mblaq and 2pm comeback, i cant miss their performance anymore =.=

  6. @alia - dunno if i can go on anymore HAHAH. jk, we just have to take some time aside to take care of this blog tho. i'll try my best.

    haha SHOPPING?!?! eff u lol, i dont thk i hav to start all that till june lol. ur going to leave me tooooo T.T

    chibi ssi whn ru goinggg? u need to help me in this time of need lol

  7. @alia- hahhaaa..naseb bek postponed!! klo x, mmg frust menonggeng kt cni..hahaha! thx sbb buatkan bnde nih..!! mmuahhxx lah ;)

    @azra- hahah..ftiforum eh?? if ur done, bgtau i dulu!! nak jd member! hahaaa..

    @fUzAhEeChul~ - oh, dah ble tcket ka?? xpo2..gi refund blk..hehe :)

  8. http://ent.sinchew-i.com/node/20781

    what the newspaper try to say is :
    there is a malaysia local company try to cheat. they said they will organise “Shock Private Hi-Tea with Beast@B2ST” during june and having a concert on july. Until got fans called Cube entertainment only people realise this happpened and it's serious. Universal Music so shocked about this, and they called Cube Entertainment. The answer given by Cube was " this company do not get the permission from Cube before." According to them, there are almost 100 peoples got cheated.
    besides, the company is selling T-shirt which had Beast's fact through internet. This action seriously against the image right.
    anyway, this company deleted the post about Beast Hi-Tea make Universal cannot get the proof to sue them.

  9. ok thnx a lot for this verson! we'll look deeper into this =)

  10. sorry i mean *veron! lol my keyboard is dumb..

  11. [new update]

    Universal Music Malaysia has announced B2St is coming on June 26th. Stay tuned for more official info coming soon!


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