13 June 2010

BEAST Exclusive Showcase & Fansigning in MALAYSIA

Get excited everyone! First of all, we would like to apologize about Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2ST/BEAST and Postpone News which turn out to be a scam. Can't trust Poprainbow boo. Anyway, as awin said HERE, Beast will be going to Singapore on the 24-25th June for a showcase and signing event. It has been announced that they will be coming to Malaysia right after! Yes she's right. You can also read it on chibi post, HERE. *wow, so many post about them haha*

KL Live

* * * * * *

One Utama

As you can see, the venue changed to KL LIVE http://www.kl-live.com.my/
  • The new repackaged version of the 'Shock of the New Era' album also includes a Black or White BEAST t-shirt, worth RM120.00.
  • Pre-order your copy now at any Speedy Video outlets nationwide to get your admission pass for the showcase. The repackaged version of the 'Shock of the New Era' album will be officially released on 18th June 2010 in Malaysia.
  • Those who wear the BEAST t-shirt will be given priority admittance.
Cred and for more info, please go HERE!

Wanna go effpoo? XD


  1. I only want the t-shirt...it must be cool...anyone can buy me one??? hehehe~ the black one ok??? ^_^

  2. haha i WANT IT!!!! Alamak ade duit ke x?? haha.

    dude! i so wanna go! uhh we dont need to pay for autograph session rite? freebies are for aoxora!

    lets meet them at klia too! haha, or are they just using the bridge from singapore to here? awh that would suck. fine ill go to the grand millenium. they'll stay there maybe? haha

    i'm just babbling junk, i wanna goooo. dang i was just at speedy's ytd i shoulda asked if i knew. want to know how much is the cddd

  3. haha..azra!! i wanna go toooo!!!!!!!!

    no time n transport nk gi speedy lah..so what to do ahh?? srious nak gi ni..
    aaaa!!! I wanna cry;(

  4. haha jom awin, jom je lets go. haha tinggal ktorg je an? plus ukiss present un blom beli lg T.T.

    awin we have this week. ytd i went to alamanda i had no idea haha. mid un ade speedys hahaha.

    alah nk bwat apee. jom kuar ikut train then do what we need to do haha

  5. hahaha..tp x sure lg 26june leh gi ke x..i think ade hal kot..hahaha!! nak nanges!!!~ uwaaa!!

    haaa..so,ble nk bli hadiah for ukiss ni?? ajak chibi skali laaaaa...

    nak gi mane?? mid??

  6. boo to poprainbow~~! *wish that all of the B2UTY who bought the tix for Hi Tea or whatever had get their money back~
    and thanks to UMM for bringing them here! yippie~ and~~i am going to meet them!!muahaha~ on 26th and 27th! happy happy~

    btw~ i started to like them since i watch Beast Almighty!haha XD

    cant believe that i am going~~ :P

  7. @awin: alamak lupe lak i mite hav to register to uitm on 26th. man that sux! do i hav to go to uitm?? haha. my parents think its in july. i wanna skip it malas doohh

    @veron: true! i hope all the b2utys that bought from poprainbow gets a refund. UUM said nothing about a joint organization with them in bringin beast..

  8. How to buy the ticket? PLS REPLY!

  9. @azra- alaaa!!!! dah nanges da ;(

    @veron- waahhhh!!! i'm happy for u and jealous at the same time...wakaka!! plz send my regard to kikwang ok?? hehhee :)

    @anon- no need to buy tcket..just pre order shock of the new era album at any speedy outlet ok?? but if u wore beast's tshirt lagi baek punyerr!! hehe

  10. hi...
    i want to ask, how to get the tix and also the tshirt?? is it we go and buy at the speedy or how. can anyone tell me how.. wish to go..
    well, nite and murning y'all. and jeongmal2 kamsahamnida for the infos.. really apreciate it..
    well, hav a nice day.. meet anyone of u guyz at U-kiss fanmeeting too... if anyone of u go there.. tc n c ya.. v(^-^)v

  11. To get your admittance pass into the showcase you have to pre-order a b2st repackaged album from Speedy's Video outlets (for eg. at alamanda, mid valley or klcc, in malaysia only). You have to ask the speedy's workers for it.

    It costs about rm120, and you get a t-shirt along with ur cd. hope that helps =).

    oh ur going to ukiss too? yup! all of us are, see you there!

  12. yeah.. it help alot.. hehe really thanks for the detail infoz... i've asked in sunway just nw. well, they hav it n its include the tix rite?
    hehe... hehe.. really cant wait to meet u-kiss..
    and also B2ST.. hehe.. aniwan here going to B2st cncrt n fansigning??

  13. yupp..its include the admission pass..

    ermm..I think no one here will go to b2st showcase..huh...so sad that i can't go to meet my b2st!! i have to go somewhere on that day!! aargghh~

  14. owh... dats to bad.. but u'll going to u-kiss fanmeeting 2moro rite.... if so, ol of us meet there 2moro den.. hehe..

  15. Hey,does anybody know, after B2ST comes to Malaysia, where do they head to? Will they be going back to Korea or do they stop by somewhere else first? I really need to know..

    I cant wait for next week! Just bought our album this morning, me n my sis are soo goin!!!

  16. hi...~~
    umm, if u buy the album without pre-ordering, do u still going to get the ticket? coz i dun think i can still pre-order the album since the album already been released! T.T

  17. I'm going! Got the ticket , shirts , album today! I'm wearing it now actually x]

  18. @france- haha..u-kiss's fanmeeting was daebak rite!! i really miss them <3 hehehe..

    @diyana86- I think they will go straight to philippines and then japan..u going to the showcase?? ohh, bez nyerr!!! hahaa..have fun there!!

    @anon- hrmmm..i think can't get lohh the tix..ermm..not sure..u better ask the speedy workers by urself kayh??

    or go to Universal Music Malaysia fb site..u can ask everything there about the showcase..go to this link-http://www.facebook.com/pages/Universal-Music-Malaysia/266940380983?ref=ts&v=wall

    @safirahh.- Woww!! i'm so jealous of u!! hahaha..ok laa..have fun there!!

  19. fan signing for those people that pay or for everyone???

  20. hahaha.. yeah.. missing u-kiss so damn much... they are always cute, handsome and tall, as always.but the ending of the session is torn me apart... that security suddenly pulling me out of the line rite after i got the cd frm Kevin... it really pissing me off(><)
    but love u-kiss.. wish they will be bck..(^^)
    aniway, i've bought the b2st cd n tshirt n tixpass.
    the wierd thing is, sori yah for asking, whr is kl live hoh?? im abit lost aftr i look the pass..

  21. @France JunMin - I emailed you my questions but I'm afraid you don't read your emails , so I'll ask you again on here(: I hope I don't sound like a pyscho :S Oh, and prepare your self, I have alot of questions ;D

    Did you preorder the repackaged album? If not, were there still alot more when you bought them? Is the rm120 plus the t-shirt? Do you think if I just go to a SPEEDY store without pre-ordering I can still get my hands on an album? And I can get the repackaged album at ANY SPEEDY store or selected ones only?

    I am sorry for bombarding you with questions but please do reply (: THANKYOU THANKYOU

  22. haha.. ur funny.. well, yeah..
    at first i asked at speedy in sunway pyramid, they hav it plus the tshirt.
    aftr dat i said i think bout it..
    well, just i try again to ask speedy at midvaley
    yep, nonid to pre order olso u will get the tix and the tshirt.. hehe.. and its still alot at midvaly. but just u really need to asked the cashier.. takut tibe2 abis lak baju.. well, jst asked b4 u buy it... any speedy, yep.. hehe


  24. @anon- if u have the album/repackaged album that has the silver tag hologram at the top ur cd u can enter the autograph session..which means that as long as u have the cd album lah :)

    @france- Wahhh...me too! miss ukiss so much!! yeah!! hopefully they will come to mlysia again! wohooo~ oh, u're going to Beast showcase eh?? best nyerr!! and u can see the venue at this link..siap de map lg..- http://www.kl-live.com.my/

  25. @Awin If you have the tickets and t-shirt, is it confirm you can get in the showcase?

  26. do you know that the CD is still available in Malaysia?
    because me, and my friends really wanna buy that Album and come to the Fan Meeting!! i'm really frustated! lol
    can you please help me??

    thank you :)

  27. @Diyanah- yes!! for sure!! oh, don't forget to bring the cd album too and then u can get in the showcase..

    @fanny- Ermm..I'm not very sure about this..but I think there is..according to France, there is a lot in Speedy at Midvalley..u can go there and ask the cashier or the workers for the cds..

    Ouh,I heard the cds that are provided in Malysia about 2000 pieces..so, u and ur friends still have a chance to go the showcase!!

    and but if u wanna go to the fansigning on 27th only, u can also buy the album yang biasa punya as long as on top of the cd has the silver tag hologram to go to the fansigning event if don't have the repackaged album pun boleh masuk juga..coz fansigning no need to have the ticket..the showcase u must have the ticket to enter so must buy the repackaged album punya..

  28. does anyone know if the fan-signing event is free admittance?

  29. can i ask a question? well i want to know the fansigning is open rite? and how if im only going to the fansigning event and i dont buy the repackage album since i got one already? can i do that? can anyone answer my question plz?? thnx =))

  30. @awin THANKYOU THANKYOU :D I was afraid even if I got the repackaged album I couldn't get in :( SO NOW I"M HAPPYYYYYYYY THANK YOUU

  31. @awin.. haha ur the best by the way...
    haha. if i didnt know who is coming to malaysia, n whn n how to get the pass..
    i might be pengsan in my bed until they all bck home to korea.. haha funny...
    yep, i saw that map thingie..
    but hmm how to say this, they stated 3 places there.. 3tmpt or is it KL live is big or wat? sori im abit blur in maping hehe.. mian..
    i think my bro know whr, but anything i'll asked u bck.. whn i need ya.. hehe.
    uuish, really nerves now even tho stil hav another few more days for B2ST to arive...
    heard they will be ariving in singapore for 2days then come to kl.. well, i duno if its true la... just guessing.
    well, need to rest now... nite and morning!!

  32. @kimberly310- yeahh..absolutely it's free! as long as u have the cd,u can enter the fansigning okayh??

    @anon- yeah..is open..oh,yuppz2!! u can do that!as long as on top of ur cd has the silver tag hologram so u can get in the fansigning event for sure~

    @diyanah- hahaha..ok2..ur welcome!! enjoy urself there!! =D

    @france- hehehe..these information i got from my friends in TheAbracadabras too..

    omo..I actually blur also jalan2 at KL ni..eventhough I live near to KL..haha..still can lost in KL..so, u better ask ur bro or google je..

    haha..yupp2!! eh,france, if u rajin, u can do fanaccount for beast showcase n fanmeeting..and then take a pictures of them byk2..hahaa..really weh,i'm so jealous with u all who going tomorrow! aigooo~

  33. @awin... uwah~~ last nite(late nite) bck frm my couzie hs in ampg, me n bro went to search for the plc... lol, rupe2nye dats the plc yg slalu we ol lalu.. haha.. well, saw B2st Big Banner lagi tu.. well, now i know whr.. cant wait to meet them.. sooo excited.. wish u can come too.. well, i'll try to get as many pics as i can 2moro..just upload u-kiss pics ystrdy.hehe miss them.
    u hav fb add ar?? add me if u found mine... k tc n bye everyone in this blog.. c u gurls n guys in fb, if u add me.. (^^)v (sori long msg)

  34. @france- hahaha..woahhh..bagus laa buat survey dulu..so, 2morrow u wont sesat..hahaa..

    hehehe..ok2!! i'll catch up ur ukiss pic later..miss them too :)

    haha..okayh! nice! add u on fb:) k..bye2!! have fun 2morow~

  35. awin...hi....did u go tomorrow...4 fansigning even ????????? can u buy me a b2st t-shirt????black one...pls...coz i cannot go...i'll give u the money k.....

  36. everyone....yeorobun,
    hws the showcase just now... damn hectic rite..
    but was hoping HOPING sooo much everyone damn happier to get a chance to meet n watch them and also the most IMPORTANT THING EVER,
    THE SIGNATURE/AUTOGRAPH session, rite after they sing dance n have fun wif the fanz
    (jeles lol.. whuahaha) bck to NEWS...
    AAAAAAALLLLL OF US get OUR PRECIOUS CHANCE to get autograph.. but, no hand shake2x.. pity, onli some2x got hand shake n chitchat like my darlings(nan chingu) well, today is the CRAZIEST DAY of my entire life.. whuahahaha..
    pening siot... aite.... dats ol i can say...
    need to rest for tomoro..
    last thing to do is upload the pics dat i could get. sayonara n oyasuminasai minna san..

  37. @anon-sorry for late reply..i dodnt go to the fanmeeting..sorry..huhu..

    @france- wahhh!! best nyerrr!! gonna see ur pics then!!~


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