18 June 2010

Dae Guk Nam Ah (The BOSS) Awake MV + [Tracklist]

football concept rocks..people who play it then go to jail, that rocks..

Hehe sorry for making yall wait for this. I really was busy and tired, 17th June was a very long day. But I'm back to reveal full on Dae Guk Nam Ah's beasty comeback! These kids just debuted not too long ago early this year, and they've already started on a grown up american-football-rebel concept! Their 1st Mini Album released is called Awake. It has 5 new tracks plus the two songs from their 1st single Admiring Boy.

If you still haven't caught on who is who, shame on you! I've done a profile on them already lol. In the top pic, from left is husky Hyunmin, vocalizer Injoon, revolver Jay, dandy boy Karam and japanesey Mika haha. I love these boys! And freaked forever till they came back.

In the video Karam is apparently the main character who loses(?) his gf, and cried, at that particular time I couldn't help but shout "Uljimaa Karam!!" I was the MOST surprised at how sooo frickin adorable he was in the MV and also for Baby Jay who shocked me with his explosive charisma. Awin likes him now?? haha.

Stumble Stumble MV (비틀비틀):
cr: loenent

Concept Photos under the cut!

I'm not particularly attacking younger dongsaengs so I guess I can say Karam comes across very sexy at the "oh oh, oh, oh oh" part haha. I dunno where Chibi goes saying now he's more like Taemin? Maybe its cuz his dancing style is similar to Taemin's. If at all I think he's more and more like Jaejoong, its scary his voice is like his and his new friendly expressions towards the camera. Oh yeah!! D-NA knows how to work the camera now!

Look at Jay so mini rockstar! I love his revolver sunglasses I want them lol, and when he pulled out his toy gun to shoot himself, ah! I love you Jay!! Awesome rapper too, he reminds me of Minhwan though haha. (P/s: this magnae also made me happy wearing a Steelers jersey! yeayah! represent my town! xp)

Hyunmin also got the whole hot frowning thing down and I think he's developing quite a cheeky smile. I thought it was funny he performed at Music Bank with his football shoulder pads but then it looked a bit skeletal so it was cool.

Injoon is like wow get with the program homie haha, I love him he's so sweet and so is his expression. I'm proud enough for him to wear spiky strawberry blonde hair and skeleton pants lol.

Who else? Oh yeah, Mika duh!! My fave, were you gonna forget him? Leader didn't change his hairdo maybe he made it even blacker, but now I've figured out he sings the "A-a-apa" chorus in Stumble Stumble..

1 - The Boss (Intro)
2 - Stumble Stumble (비틀비틀)
3 - No One..and Anyone (아무도..그 누구도)
4 - New Boyz
5 - The One
6 - Shining World (눈부신 세계)
7 - Admiring Boy (동경소년)

D-NA - Awake (1st Mini Album).RAR

Panda Likes: Ah! A really satisfying album. My opinion hands down! New Boyz should of been their title song instead of Stumble Stumble. New Boys is more gempak and compliments their gempak outfits better. It's my fave song it's a bit techno pop like what B2ST and MBLAQ do.

Another one that I really like is No One and Anyone, its actually very catchy ballad I can sing to. Amudo, nugudo... The other tracks are very good, mediocre, but worth to take a listen to if you have a different sense of taste than me. Which most people do lol.

Of course I've already become addicted to Shining World and Admiring Boy I dunno how! I used to get so confused with the song lyrics but I find myself just singing along its fun like a pre-mature dbsk lol. How many times should I make these comparisons without someone beheading me..

(are huge)
*note: all photos I've put in this post are huge pics, I can turn them into my wallpaper! ^^*






Couple Photo

(Karam + Mika Weeee!)

Group Photos


  1. hahah!! yeah!! i start to love dna!!! like jay n karam!! hahah..chibi,jgn marah~ sharing is caring..

    karam part o..o.. bpk geli!! but its cool rite..comel sgt laa karam!! aaaa!!

    Jay pon HOT gak..love love love!!!

    lagu diorang pon bez2!! like the album too! stumble stumble and no one..anyone are the best!!

    Thanks for the mp3 and the smart photos azra!! I want to grab karam,jay n group's photos!! <3

  2. haha i always love dna pics! they're all so pretty and their photographers are awesome! XD, i love couple picture.

    hahha karam geli lol a bit, but its like i want more.. and the other kids to do it haha.
    even tho their all really skinny. and only hyunmin has idol muscles and honey abs haha.

    welcome!! d-na hwaiting! i hope they get into the k-chart! XD

  3. I like Shining World the most from the album..

    D-NA!! Come to malaysia!!

    mika karam hyunmin injun jay, hwaiting!!

  4. @anon - haha yeah i love that song so cute. i know right that would be amazing!!!


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