16 June 2010

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is a Hotsun Chicken Model!

I want Hyunjoong's drumstick!! Yummy~

Ahh..not again..I spazz about chicken CF! hahhaa..I like to spazz about chicken CF right?? Please don't get bored okayh with me..hahaa..There are only 3 posts including this about chicken CF..I love chicken! plus almost all the chicken CFs were commercialised by my favourite idols such as U-Kiss and ZE:A..hehee..Cool!

But, this latest HyunJoong's Hotsun Chicken CF is a bit different and a little bit weird from the other CFs..This time it seems the concept is phantom of the opera and he’s surrounded by three beautiful ladies..You must watch this 20's CF =D

Cred: conightime

Hhahaa..pelik en?? I don't know how this concept relates with chicken..haha..I thought it is something like eye shadow's commercial or fashion show since HyunJoong's eyes are very pretty with the eye shadows puts on and he is wearing a formal suit okayh!! hahaha..The way he said "Hotsun Chicken" at the end makes me drooling and wanna buy that chicken! awww! Comel gila suara dia ;P

Behind The Scene of this CF is very funny you know..you better watch that below :-

Part 1/2 :-

Part 2/2 :-

Part 1/2:-
Hhahaha..This BTS makes me love Hyunjoong more and more!! He is so blur while holding that drumstick don't know what to do..and his laughter is contagious~ hahahaaa! He is very lonely, wateoriyah, on the set..and start trying to touch everything..he's full of curiosity..He even practise Love Ya dance in front the mirror without any music background okayh..Oh, I'm so proud of him! good leader! weee~ xthn tgk! tergelak sorang2! Woah..and he's 4D thinking??!!! wakakaka..

Part 2/2:-
This more funny! hahahaa..time hyunjoong's waving uh! Youngsaeng and KyuJong not moving! hahaha! dan asal semua nampak macam awkward je time fanmeeting ini..hahaa..lawak dowh..Hyunjoong ah!! He doesn't look alike Eunhyuk,Super Junior lah..But like Bae Yong Jun,oh yes kindda the same right..Eh byk tol kembar dia! yang tak boleh blah nye the vocalist Vanilla Lucy muka macam Hyunjoong gak..hahaha! lol..I love the ending!Yeah!! Hyunjoong is Hyunjoong! No one can be like him! more pretty than any girls..huahauha =p

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  1. hahahah awinnn, masquarade hahah xleh bla. xde kena mengena langsung dengan ayam hahahaha korea punya iklan ayam pelik2 hahaha


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