14 June 2010

ZE:A Mom's Touch Chicken CF

ZE:A' STYLE!! <3

They just got their official name for their fan club which is ZE:A' STYLE! hahaa..cool right..I'm one of the ZE:A' STYLE of course!! hehehe..

So,more more Chicken CF coming from our idols!! Before this,I spazzed about U-Kiss's Vons Chicken CF right..Now, it's time for ZE:A to do a chicken CF  for Mom's Touch Chicken..Aigoo..Chicken CF always make me so hungry and wanna eat that chicken!! Yum yum~

Wahh..Dongjun is first to come out with a drumstick!! Why magnae??! hahaa..Well,he is soo cute though!! and then Siwan is eating nuggets eh?? hahaa..don't know lah..Then,Kevin with the burger!! and lastly is Junyoung the leader with chicken salad! and after that didn't catch their faces..so fast..heh..But I like Kwanghee's wink at the end!! hahaha.. ;)

They promoting their latest song, All Day as the background song for this CF unlike U-Kiss who sang a original Vons Chicken song! Arghhh, Nak cari lagu U-Kiss uh tetapi tak pernah jumpa pun! hahahaa =p

1 comment:

  1. ze:a's style is kinda weird dont you think? haha patot dorg wat just one word like kingdom lol banyak saaaangat pilihan dorg ada sbb dorg child of empire~ tp knp style???! haha

    donjun comeeeel tym die sebot apentah chicken hehe

    serius iklan nih comel!esp tym dorg ramai2 tuh 8D


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