18 June 2010

U-Kiss Arrival @ KLIA Malaysia!![FANCAM]

Okayh..Kiseop is blonde now..soohyun curi colour rmbut eli dlu..hahaa..Eh,kurus nye Kevin..

Sorijulleoohh!! U-Kiss in Malaysia now!!! Maybe this time they are doing the rehearsal for us tomorrow..Wohooo..They have arrived at KLIA yesterday in the evening..Wahhh, I wish I can go there..kalau lah ada kereta!! I think this is the best fancam I found in Youtube..I saw U-Kiss's members so clearly in this fancam but vibrate a lot yeah..I feel dizzy watching this but I'm so happy that U-Kiss is now in Malaysia!! Thank you so much KissMeMy for uploading this video! hahaa..

Cred: KissMeMy

U-Kiss U-Kiss! hahaa..beg jatuh!! Kibum right who pick up the bag?? huuuu..

Wahh..I don't know lah if I was there, I also yelling macam orang gila gak kot..I totally couldn't record a video because I'm too high!hahaha..Ah, I'll control myself tomorrow when watching their performance..haha..yeke?? confirm macam orang gila gak nanti..hahahaa.. Awww girls, we didn't get the lucky seat for ACE lohh..so sad..So, we only watch their performance right?? Arghh,tak dapat Special Surprise!! ;(

Okayh!! See you guys tomorrow!! Poster sign for U-Kiss was done yesterday! Semangat je!!~ hahaa..Ermm, what I'm gonna wear tomorrow ah?? Binguel Binguel Binguel Binguel~


  1. hahahaha ukiss has been mobbed in malaysia! XP i dno if i feel bad or good about it lol.

    i'm happy ukiss is gettin a lot of support, but i hope the boys dint get hurt.

    LOL on kibum tripping over his cart lol. i'm so happy the boys have stepped on the shiny floors of klia that i have always stepped on haha.

    this is awesome! thnx awin lol. seeing them at the last part was like whoa! so up close! they look so pretty already.

    =( yeah i knew kiseop dyed his hair blonde i was like wtf! nooo. haha i dno if i like it that much its so different! i like him as a brunette better. but soohyun's gray/silver hongki hair is pretty weird tho haha.

    i seriously couldnt pinpoint where dongho was! he's so small in the sea of fanatics.

    that one girl susa was trying to get her present to ukiss, finally she got to put her hand in the car to put it on their seat how cool! haha i wna see them. ^^ so happy they've arrived!

  2. hahha..tu laa..x sgke rmai gak fans ukiss kat mlysia..hahaa..

    hahaha..yeah,ur welcme..the last part..smgt je nak bg adiah en! lawak lak tgk..hehhee..and there is boy fan rite jerit "cepat!cepat!" hhahaahaha..

    ouhh..I baru je tau kiseop blonde hair..tau xpe!! i like his old hair! soohyun cute lah rmbut slver..hehehe..

    me too!! i cant see dongho!! kecik sgt..comel..

    Yeyyy!! 2morow okayh!!

  3. haha ade ke fanboy ckp "cepat cepat??" hahaha

  4. hwaaa~~~ sgt jealous!!! x dpt jumpa diorg sok...
    nak sgt jumpa Kiseop...hukhukhuk~~~


    hahah xnak pegang baner korg tuh esok wahahhaha alahai nak pakai ape nh uwaaaaaa


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