01 June 2010

Jang Geun Suk & SISTAR Magic Drag CF

Jang Geun Suk the Killer Master of CFs or commercial endorsements has represented another brand of Samsung Yepp Amoled M1 mobile phone! He's an actor more known as Taekyung in SBS's You're So Beautiful and usually sings in his cfs. This time along with SISTAR (씨스타), mainly HyoLyn (Hyorin) who has a romantic connection with Jang Geun Suk in the cf.

This has to be one of the coolest CFs I've seen! I absolutely love Jang Geun Suk especially when he's in phone cfs. He's a touch-holic remember? Haha. His fingers even drive me crazy when he drags it around in this Magic Drag! This was released recently May 19th.

Magic Drag CF:

CAUTION Super cuteness overload! Jang Geun Suk makes me cry nononoo more in this cf than in normal MVs. Yes I said it! And his sudden break into rap OMG crushed me its so hot! OH YEAH, JGS RAPS in this.. I love itttt!!

Hyorin's not my favorite SISTAR, I thought she looks sorta plastic actually, but in here she acts hard-to-get to JGS and it made her seem pretty okay. Her acting is good. Of course not as good as Geun Suk haha. In the end when she drags his finger towards her to his, it means he has her heart hahaha. So sweet.. I wanna give my heart to him too..


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  1. cool super power! HAHAHAHA

    lol what the heck is he touching?

    jang geun suk rapping! hahahah cool

    hahahha comel gila kantoi tangkap gmbr die hahah which is weird tetiba tgk hp ada gmbr die... bukan kena bukak folder dlu? XD

    aaa sweet ending... asal die tlg bwk beg pmpn tuh tetiba? hahahaha

    which remind me, i havent finish you're so beautiful yet! aaaaaaa

  2. jang geun suk ni spe eh?? singer or actor?? hahaa..cam familiar, tp x igt!!

    Wahh..serious cool gler punyer CF!!! lagu un sdp!! thanks for dwld link...hehehe...

    jari die mmg HOT!!=D

  3. @alia - haha xleh bla bukk folder lol. xkn nk show on the cf gak haha. spose to be "accident" kan lol.

    wat?? u havent FINISHED YSB yet?? how could you?? bof aku? haha

    @awin - JGS is an actor, he's in You're So Beautiful, Beethoven Virus, that baby movie with baby Mason lol.

    haha finger die hot gle an hahaha

  4. always n 4 ever adore him..
    warhhh..Sukkie miss u a lot...


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