08 June 2010

Brian Joo Fanmeeting in Malaysia!!

I wonder if awin,flyfonix, and aox didn't know this news. Anyway, since I've know about this let me post it.
sorry brian that i can't attend.woooo.

Our lovable Brian Joo (or known infamously as Brian 'Fly to The Sky') will be having his first fanmeeting showcase in Malaysia on 10th July! (kay, that's really bad because I'm already entering university. ARgh!!) Malaysia!! fanmeeting!! Brian!! WUUUUU...

Organised by Rythmland, here is the video teaser for the fanmeeting specially from Brian.

chibi says:- she loves his accent!! and Apa Khabar and Jumpa di sana are epic for fangirling. Brian used a bit advance Malay which impress me much. Aaaa

More info about the fanmeeting ticket price, place, time and the package, click 'Read More'!!

edit:- The Opera, Sunway Pyramid, 10 July 2010, from 3pm!
VIP (I heard that the price is RM608. The same price for VIP seat for SUJU concert)
*Limited number of seats*

Fan meet
Numbered seats

Fan meet
Free standing

Please send your email to ticketing@rhythm-land.com to get your tickets!

To enquire about VIP tickets or other package deals, please contact enquiries@rhythm-land.com

Do remember to include the following details so that we are able to contact you! :D

IC or Passport Number:
Email Address:
Contact Number:
State or Country From:
Ticket Tier:
Amount of Tickets:

Please stay tuned for more updates and we might just throw in some surprises along the way! ;)

Thank you and we can’t wait to see you there!
Rhythm Land

So, who wants to go?? Rhythm Land is similar to Rhythm Zone in Japan, I wonder?? Hurmm..


  1. OMO!! i didn't know lah!! thanks chibi gtau! hahhaaha..

    10th july?? okayh, sume dah xde dahh..hrmm..haaa,i like brian dgn perangai die yg gile2 tuh!! comel gler die ckp apa khabar n jumpa di sana.. *faint*

    eh, mhl glerr tcket vip!! lg mhl dr ukiss k!! he is solo singer je..isk3..kat KL ktne?? bukit jalil??plenary hall?? keh3..

  2. Still don't know where the exact place is. If confirm, I'll put it.
    Haha.. the same price for SUJU VIP la.
    Plus yang ni ader party celebration with Brian after fanmeeting.
    So, i don't know.
    Maybe a small place?? Don't know.

  3. ah! yup! i was gonna do this! tunggu more info for tix, but then got distracted last night watching makbanshi bwuahahhaa

    i'll support brian! why not? lol

    are those all the infos chibi?

  4. u br tgk manbakshi?? i br jer abis tgk until ep 15. Hahaha...

    Yup, that's all the info.
    X der lagi info da.
    Kalo nanti dye add place info. Kter add la. =)

  5. @chibi- hahaa..ye laa..sme cam suju tp lg mhl dr ukiss! hahhaaa...oh yeah, party celbration..bpk bez!

    alaahhh..x smpat lg nk tgk makbanshi! grrr :(

    my laptop yg slalu gune dah xleh bkk n kena format blk! wwaa!! sume lagu2 baru dwld ilang!! ultrastar's songs too!! x sempat wat back-up!! hahahahahaha...

  6. haha.. aphal kene format balek??
    kene virus ka?? tula awin..
    nyanyi banyak sgt.. komp da x mo dgr sore awin!!~~XDDD

  7. ntahlaa..ngade lah laptop uh..org nk bwk die p penang,die wat hal plak...hahaa...
    sabo je lahh..skang tgh gne laptop abg..hehehe

  8. @chibi - haha otay. ah x lol i watched since a long time ago, but stopped at ep6 cuz xde org upload ep7-9 so start tgk balik ep 10-13 haha. still have two eps to go yii!

    @awin - lol same problemo, asl smue pc bwat hal skrg? lol

  9. why dyou call me flyfonix here? so weird. should i call you jkpureaddiction then? =.=

    anyway, yeah I know about this. he posted in his twitter so yeah... he's eng is sooo good. lol he do write in english alia, duh

    rm128, free standing? =.=

    korg xg, mls nk g. plus, i prefer group instead of solo singer. kalo dtg ngan member fly to the sky die, boleh gak dipertimbangkan haha

  10. haha ur weird. alahh! i like brian, dunno if he's um huh. ok i shouldnt be so big mouthed lol.

    i'd love to go, cuz he can actually speak eng and stuff. hmm but sorry dont have 128 to spend on u dude!

    i'll visit you at the airport then, kpop ppl are always coming around when my parents or siblings are flying in. but its always like a day or two away! annoying! lol

  11. I have a RM128 ticket on my hand, which i'm currently planning to sell it off, at the price of RM100, but the price is STRONGLY NEGOTIABLE =) anyone who is interested pls drop me an email at yiweilau_29@hotmail.com before this Friday 9th of July. First come first serve, thank you =)


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