06 June 2010

Monday Kiz Profile~

Waahhh..I'm back with Idols introduction..any request?? Anyone?? hehhee...

Not a duo anymore..now Monday Kiz is a great trio!!

Monday Kiz debuted in November 2005 as a duo members under Can Entertainment..
It’s been two years since the tragic loss of Monday Kiz’s duet member Kim MinSoo who involved in motorcyle accident,ahh..we lose a guy who have a great talent! So sad ermm but now Lee JinSung is back with two new members to revive the Monday Kiz name.

On April 20th, Monday Kiz released their new single 'New Sentimental', the cover art featuring three separate microphones. Joining Monday Kiz is Im HanByul, an ex-member of the disbanded group A’ST1 and Han SeungHee, who competed against 5000 other potential singers for a spot in the group.

Climbing their way up the Mnet charts at #2 with their single ‘Scattered‘, Recently, Monday Kiz released their 4th album , 3+1집 ru:t;. Their first single from ru:t;, titled ‘Don’t Go‘ was written and composed by Monday Kiz’s own Lee JinSung..I love Scattered and Don't Go!..they have a really powerful vocal especially JinSung...

Cred: koreanpride2

Meremang bulu roma aku dengar lagu ini..hahaha...I feel like crying too..Gajima!!~
Hrmmm, HanByul with a blonde hair suits him soo well..the cutest ;)

Read more for their profiles okayh...


Lee Jin Sung (이진성)

Birthday: February 27,1985
Height/Weight: 175cm/ 60kg
Blood Type: A
University: KyungHee University, Department of Postmodern

Han Seung Hui (한승희)

Birthday: October 20,1988
Height/Weight: 177cm, 65kg
University: Korean National Open University

Im Han Byul (임한별)

Birthday: February 8, 1989
Height/Weight: 173cm / 60kg
Bloodtype: A
University: Hanyang University, Department of Journalism

Kim Min Soo (deceased)

Birthday: January 14,1985
Died: April 29,2008
Height/Weight: 175cm/ 63kg
Blood Type: A

Cred: mondaykiz.wordpress,soompi official thread.


  1. yg last uh da mati ker??
    anyway, monday kiz nye voice awesome seyh!! >__<
    kay.. nak request S.E.S!!! Lol.. 1st generation idol seyhh~~

  2. haah! sian gler dowh..mke cam mickey jek..
    S.E.S??!! haha..kk..nnti klo rajin,kte akn wat shinhwa sume uh..wahaha!

  3. mygod! i dint know one of them is gone. aww thats so sad. that's like wayy worse than a leaving band member. a moment of silence please.

    I was wondering where Monday Kiz went heehee.
    At first look of the pics i thot it was like an old version of part of ukiss lol.

    i never knew their names or faces actually till now. good thing the a'st1 guy is still goin on with a career! hwaiting!

  4. azra speaks my mind exactly, except the ukiss part lol

    auw poor em...

    pernah dgr name dorg, tp xknl haha

  5. lol. now that i look at their ages, they arent very old at all. the oldest is like 25. way younger than the b2y guy at least lol.

  6. I thought their'll old hahaha. Their faces looks seem so old. they should change their hairstyles and the way they wear though, probably that's why their not too popular. Cuz I haven't been heard of them since that I search A'st1 cuz they sang 2 of the ost on "Boy's over flowers" then I found out that they disbanded and this guy han byul move to this group. So sad though. A'st1 disbanded and this group Monday KIz deceased one member. Very sad to hear that. :( Hopefully this group will be popular if they changed their appeals. :)

  7. I love their songs. So far, I've heard Goodbye My Princess and their song for 'The Call of the Country' OST. I feel so good listening to their voices. ^w^

  8. I bru dngar lagu diorang hari ni , best juga .. hahaha ..


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