12 November 2010

Let's LEARN About Music Bank MCs!!

Since I'm hella one of thousand fans of Music Bank MCs (will always love Music Bank MCs, whoever they are), let's learn something about their current MCs!!

So, both of them are currently 25 years old!! (no wonder they are close with each other.)
Hyorim is the older one compared to JoongKi. (Nuuna!!~~LOL!!)

First, I will tell you about our cutie pie, Song Joong Ki.
Born on 19th September 1985.
His hobby is collecting DVD (?), Soccer game, and Skate.
His nickname :- 허당 송
His favourite singer:- Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae
His karaoke song (?) - Sung Si Kyung's song. Too lazy to write the song's name. LOL

He's been casted in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, played the role as Gu Younha. Watch him!! He's unbelievably cute!!

oh forgot to say that he's wonderful rapper too!!XD

Next is Seo Hyorim, our lovely MC.:D

Born on 6th January 1985, she loves Snow Board and Wakeboard (??).
Her nickname is :- Rim~~ "Milky white skin Seo Hyorim **singing like Heechul's chant**"
Her favourite singer is 2PM and Noblesse.
Her karaoke song would be Gummy's song.
and yes, she is really tall for a girl.
Currently, she too been casted in Sunkyungkwan Scandal along with Joongki. (but seriously, her role is too annoying to see. LOL!!)

and another drama project. So, yeah. they are currently rising stars in drama. :)
And do you know that Hyorim appeared in FT ISLAND MV??? Bad Woman??O__O


Anyway, Please give them many love and support!!


  1. hahha..chibi xde keje wat sal mc mb lak..
    but, it's really nice..x pnh tau un umo dorang bpe..hahhaa..

    they are both cute n pretty! hahaa..hyorim perghh mmg sgt tggi!

    ouhh..dorang berlakon skali ke dlm sungkyungkwan scandal ngan micky en..bru tau..x tgk lg cte uh..heheh..

    yeahh!! tau2..prasan time nk karoke lgu bad woman kat ultrastar..hahaa..xleh bla tol..nmpk cam bdak je hyorim dlm mv uh..heh

  2. hahaah.. sebab korunk for sure will cover the other update.. so, org cover la story pelik mulik ni.. XDD

    Hahahah.. skunk da taw da umo dorunk?? pe lg~~ unnie, oppa!!! tapi syes x sangke joong ki lagi tue dari jaejoong!! Puhahahah!!

    yup, both MC in SKKS!! kekeke..XDD Joong Ki sangat comeylll okayhhh!!

    hahah.. hyorim dlm bad woman, cam x cukup makan.. sdeyyy~~

  3. hahaha..xpe, bagus rr tuh chibi!

    yeah!! unnie! oppa! ouhh..ceyh, tetibe ckp sal jaejoong lak..ckp arituh dah x interested da kat jae..hehee..

    yelaaa..eh,chibi, kmu tgk cte dwld skali x?? klo dwld, nak weyh cte2 korea sume!! kat cni mmg sgtlah bosan..sume org bertukar2 citer..hahaha..

    hahaha..ha'ah..kurus gler kot..

  4. I like Joongki after watching Sunkyungkwan Scandal...so CUTE~

  5. keke aku da minat joonki da lame da, chibi tgh sangap die lak XD dulu muka die cm onew lol sbb uh aku minat harhar

    hyorim sgt tggi~ comel lak uh... kapel je la dua2 hahahah

    dua2 85 duh tua dr donghae hahahhaha

    nak gak letak gmbr ngan jaejin tuh an =.=


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