24 November 2010

Orange Caramel - A~ing ♡ MV + 2nd Mini Album

Raina, Lizzy, Nana

Aing Aing! Orange Caramel is back with a 2nd mini album titled, A~ing ♡..Their debut song, Magic Girl had caught many popularities..Now, they are coming back again with a new song =D Actually, the song concept is quite the same as Magic Girl which is cute and seems like childish song..hahaa..But lately, I kindda addicted to the song after listening for many times..hahaa..lolx =p

Cred: pledisartist

Dance Version

cred: pledisartist

Hahaha! What do you think guys? Do you like it? :) Heee..Well, the dancing is cute though..Nana is so so pretty here..I think lah the 3 girls are more famous in Orange Caramel than in After School..haa..Anyway, can't wait for After School's comeback! =D

A~ing is under the cut :-

01 아잉♡ (A~ing)
02 One Love
03 아직…(Still...)
04 이곳에 서서 (The Day You Went Away)
05 아잉♡ (Inst.)

For those who didn't know, track #3 is a Raina's solo song..Aigoo..I really love Raina's voice! Her voice is originally made for ballad..hahaha..and track #4 is the english cover song..The original singer is M2M..It sounds very sweet when the song is in korean..heee ;) Love Love Love <3

1 comment:

  1. For some reason, I love these three! Patot kalo ade new member masuk dlm satu group uh, susah nak suka dorg. tp dorg cool! smua lawa of coz XD Suka lizzy, hot gle. Raina muka bersih, bpk jooyeon (btol ke eh name die haha) pun suka die. lizzy, tetiba rasa cm suka gle kt die skrg hahaha

    lagu dorg comel, of coz cm magic girl XD catchy~ aing~ disney tema i likee hehe


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