17 November 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Beautiful MV + 4th Mini Album Lights Go On Again

At last..

So excited!! Beautiful MV is finally released!! oh, actually it was released 2 days ago..hahaha..must watch yeorobun!!~

Cred: beastofficial

I'm waiting for this MV for so long!haha..I just watched this MV half an hour ago and really really excited jumping jumping to post..hahaha :p
This is a story version right?! Yeah, finally Beast made a MV with a story line..Wohooo~ I'm seriously don't know what to comment..It's totally super duper triple CUTE and FUN to watch! haaa...still..

Junhyung - The main character?? hahaa..handsome student! He likes the girl..eh, broke up ke apa?? kesian gila..haha..At the end,ahh..the picture is so sweet~
Kikwang - A nerd transferred student..so cute~ Love his dancing! haa, maybe he likes the girl so do the girl..oh my poor Junhyung ;(
Dongwoon - Uihh..the magnae looks so macho in this MV! love his new hair..Awww~ nampak macam budak nakal..I like~
Doojoon - HOT DJ!! <3
Yoseub - Yeahh!! b-boy ftw!! Adorable yoseub~
Hyunseung - Famous b-boy!! ahhaaa..
The main girl & 7 dancing girl group - Trainess from CUBE..I don't know when they'll be debut..

Tracklist under the cut :)

01 Lights Go On Again
02 Beautiful
03 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best)
04 Lightless
05 I'm sorry

Love the album!! <3 Wahhhhh!!

Don't miss their comeback at Music Bank this friday on 19th November okayh!~


  1. ok ari uh excited gle nak komen tp skrg da blur hahaha

    hyunseung sket gila hahah xleh sian

    doojoon bajet dj kekeke

    yoseob lawak gila die belakon hahahha sumpah xreti belakon hahahha

    dongwoon xckp pape un hahahha ensemmmmm rmbt blonde hahaha

    aj nerd comel! nak spec tuh! hahah tetba bertukar cool lol

    junhyung! ok sumpah cool gila die belakon... hahahaha

    xphm mv die, cm ade smbgn tp ntah hahaha

  2. HAHAHAH! tu laa..tggu gak kmu cmment..nk cmment pjg2 en..

    kekeke..sume comel n cool laa sng citer! BEAST jjang!!~

    ha'ah..to be continued~~ beast ske cmtuh..tp xde un smbungan die..hahaha..sabo je laa..


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