18 November 2010

KARA - Jumping MV (Korean Ver.) + Mini Album

Unique hairstyles! SMART~

KARA is coming back with their new mini album, 'Jumping', consist of 6 tracks including one instrumental..The title track is Jumping..These are the korean version..They were firstly made Jumping in Japanese to promote in Japan and they had successfully working there! But I like the korean version more than the japanese..hehee^^

DSP Ent. released Jumping MV in korean version on 9th November..ahhaa..Sorry for the late update about them..Now, let's watch the music video below..

Cred: dspkara

Their outfits are not sexy lohh..okayh what..hrmmm..by the way, I like Jumping! It sounds catchy and the dancing is attractive~ I saw some Lupin's choreography..hahaa..haa,I like when they are doing the wave..Nicole's the best in wave! hahaa..magnae,jiyeong becomes more beautiful..Gyuri's hair suits her the best! She looks like Japanese..hehee..Eh, why Gyuri's the
only one who didn't show her stomach? Tuttt =p

01 Love Is
02 점핑 (Jumping)
03 Burn
04 Winks
05 With
06 점핑 (Jumping) (Inst.)


  1. haha i like waves too keke

    japan version cm serabut je tgk haaha yg nh best pulak kekek

  2. haha..yeah!! tp actually sme je tarian jepun n korean..x nmpk serabut laa tp cam x bez lak lgu ni dpm bhse jepun en..

    korea2!! huhuhu~~

  3. ok tetib baru suka lagu nh. jumping jumping jumping out~ lol lmbt gle XD


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