19 November 2010

GP Basic Profile

Hhahaha..tetiba terasa nak buat profile :)

Cutie Janey..bdk2..isk3 XD

GP Basic is a new group consists of 6 girls and are shockingly they are at the average age of 15! Omo, Effpoo's dongsaengs! One member is in 6th grade (elementary school in Korea), while the other five are in their second year of middle school..Hahaha..they should stay at home and study lohh..

They had already debuted 3 months ago I guess..According to their company, These girls have been training their dancing and singing skills for two years..No wonder lah they are dancing and singing very well..They released their digital single containing two tracks which 'Game' and 'Lalala'..I personally like 'Game' because I think the song is quite good for children like them..hahaha..and they are very cute and pretty though~

Cred: KyuleeKPOPMV

The youngest member, Janey is very good at rapping!I absolutely salute her!~ hehee..I like e Hannah..she is pretty..Overall, I like them..they seem to be young 4minute..hahaha..they have high potential to success in music yeah they also need to study!Come on GP Basic hwaiting!!

Haa..Recently, they releases a single, 'I'll Be There'..very nice song I tell you..Watch their live performance~ Unfortunately, our Janey was not there because she was not allowed to perform..arghhh..She is too young right *sigh*

Cred: zaichi173



Korean Name: SoHee 소희
DOB: April 6 – 1996
Height: 164cm
Weight: 44kg

Leah (레아)
Korean Name: YooHyun 유현
DOB: July 25 – 1996
Height: 161cm
Weight: 42kg

Korean Name: HyeSun 혜선
DOB: September 9 – 1996
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg

Amet (에밋)
Korean Name: YeonHee 연희
DOB: October 14 – 1996
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg

Janey(제이니) — Maknae
Korean Name: SeungMee 승미
DOB: December 14 – 1998
Weight: 34kg

160+ cm?? Woww!! They are taller than me! Baru 14 tahun .JealousNo wonder Janey looks so small and she always stand at the back row..huh..it seems like they hide Janey during the performance =p


[Former member]

Hannah(헤나) — Leader
Korean Name: YaeJu 예주
DOB: March 30 – 1996
Weight: 38kg

[New member]

New member was added as Hannah's replacement!

Mooyi (무이)
Korean Name: Kim Mooyi (김무이)
DOB: December 25 - 1996
Position: Rap/Vocal

Cred: shiningtogether.wordpress


  1. hahhahaha smua 16 tahun?? wtheck =.=

    dlm mv nmpk cm org tua tp bila tgk performance baru cm knk2 hahaha

  2. janey je laa 14thn..kecik2 da pndai wat perfomnce sume..famous lak uh..hahaha!

  3. yea, i also think they hide janey during performance... HATE!!! SIRHOE!!!

  4. Wow, I'm like Janey because she are cute and beauty!


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