20 November 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Lights Go On Again + I Like You The Best + Beautiful Comeback Stage@Music Bank

Oppss..the title is kindda long XD Hahaha..

Hahahaa..I think I spazzing a lot about the new songs from Beast, Beautiful..hahhaa..you might get bored if you are not a B2uty..hahaha..so B2utys out there..here we go once again..sooo BEAST!!

Have you all watched Music Bank yesterday?? Aww man..Beast's comeback is awesome.gempak! For those who didn't watched it..Actually, they perform not only 2 songs but 3 songs! Kyaaa~
please watch these :-

Cred: mrsysmo

Lights Go On Again- I really love the suits!! Hahahaa..Luckily no sound system problem..they sing very well and Yoseub's voice..Awwwww~~

I Like You The Best- My god, it such a sweet song! hehee..Hyunseung acts to play violin, Doojoon plays guitar, Dongwoon as a drummer and I don't know what is Kikwang do..hahaha..btw, camera focuses on Kikwang more ! Yeahh! I like! <3

Beautiful- As usual lah..CUTE + ADORABLE!! hahaha..Dongwoon ah!! Look what he is doing after Doojoon's sang@3:48..hahaha..such a playful magnae~ Of course nothing better than you =D

*Extra info: Beautiful is #3 in Music Bank K-Chart this week! Hopefully, they can win #1 for next week! Kaja!~


  1. nahh, never get bored of beast XD

    i like playful beast the best! haha

    bauty saranghae~ hahah comelll

  2. haaaaa..excited ble tgk beast!! gler laa..

    hahah..alaa,lpe lak nk ckp sal tuh..dongwoon yg jerit en..comel2..hahhaa


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