30 November 2010

Yoseob (BEAST) & Drama (Dalmatian) - First Snow,First Kiss MV

Kyaaaa~ They look so adorable,aren't they??!

On 28th November, Yoseob from BEAST and Drama from Dalmatian finally released their MV for First Snow, First Kiss..This is actually a duet song..haa, I'm so excited when I read the news about they will make a duet song for this Christmas..sooo Beautiful! and this is BEAST okayh! Dalmatian also is already in my favourite kpop group's list (Dalmatian's profile)..hahaha..Yoseob and Drama are the vocalist of their own group..and I heard they are best friend! kawaii :)

Cred: dmtnofficial

Their song depicts the excitement one feels when seeing the first snow fall of the year, along with feelings of nostalgia when thinking about past loves. The ballad song is a gift from Yoseob and Drama to the people they love as 2010 draws near to its close.

Oh my..It's a sad song but sweet~ Aigooo..Drama is crying..ottokhae?? I feel like I want to cry too..haahaaa..Yoseob and Drama! Arghh..so cute watching them together =D


  1. they are heavenly cute ^^

  2. drama, my fav in dalmatian XD with yoseob! cool gle! haha xleh bla org igt die lg tua dr yoseob XD


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