17 October 2010

[UPDATED] Dalmatian Profile!

Haa..It's been a long time coming..I haven't do the profile..hahahaa..busy and tension preparing for the exam last week :( Okayh..forget about the last exam..I now bring you DALMATIAN!~

Dalmatian's Ready For The World!! Bow wow wow~~

Why Dalmatian? Yupp..a dog name right..The other reason "are very loyal, never shameful, have an outgoing personality, and are free-spirited." So this group is aiming to be just like the dog; they want to be loyal and 100% committed to the music and fans..

Really, it's all because of MC Mong who said, "Honestly, I made the name without thinking much about it..^^ I just wanted them to work with music that had character. Dogs honestly don’t betray their owners. They’re always loyal and so I just wanted them to serve the public in not losing their rookie state of mind and focus on music. That’s why I named them Dalmatian..^^"
Hhehee..I'll bet MC Mong must be a great and nice with their kids huh..(Haaa..I want MC Mong in 2D1N~)

Dalmatian's official debut was on September 3rd 2010 on Mnet Countdown with their single (released September 1st) Round 1.. I like the song and their outfits are cute..hehehe..They consist of six members which are Inati, Day Day, Dari, Jisu, Young Won, and Drama..Their names also are different and easy to memorise..Ermm, their ages range from being a '81er (29) to a '91er (19)..1981?? Kyaa..who is born in 1981??? You must be surprised because he looks young..hhahaa XD



On the 7th, their company said, “Original member Day Day left the group due to personal reasons and the new member “Simon” will be joining them.” Also, their other original member Dari is currently enlisted in the army after their promotions for “The Man Opposed” and it’s said that he won’t be able to participate for this upcoming promotion.

Now for their 2012 comeback, 5 members of Dalmatian has already released their comeback song which is "State of Emergency" along with the music video. You guys can check it out HERE.



INATI "Dalmatian Leader"
Real name: Jang Intae
Birth date: March 6th, 1981
Height, weight: 180 CM / 66 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Catholic
Education: Graduated from New Zealand Rotorua High School
Siblings: One brother & one sister.
Hobbies, specialties: Reading / Acting

* Modeled in CFs for Pringles, Hanaro Telecom, SK SKY, McDonalds, & LG070.
* Featured in MC Mong's 1st ~ 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Mongie's Nomads"
* Appeared in 2010 Concert "Variety Mind"

JISU "Dalmatian Vocal"
Real Name: Park Jisu
Birth Date: July 28th, 1990
Height, weight: 180 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: Graduated from Hanyang High School
Siblings: 1 older sister
Hobbies, specialties: MIDI, Piano

* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Variety Mind"

DRAMA "Dalmatian Vocal"
Real Name: Daniel Chae
Birth Date: March 31st, 1991
Height, weight: 177 CM / 58 KG
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
Education: KENT Foreigner School
Siblings: 1 older sister & 1 younger sister
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, graffiti art

* UCC TV "How to Seduce Mr. Daniel"

YOUNG WON "Dalmatian Vocal"
Real Name: Lee Dongrim
Birth Date: April 1st, 1990
Height, weight: 177 CM / 62 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: None
Education: Graduated from Hansol High School
Siblings: 1 older brother
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, dancing

* Placed 1st in Busan Youth Song Festival

[New member]

Stage Name: Simon 
 English Name: Simon Park 
 Korean Name: Park Jun Ho 
 Japanese Name: Sakai 
 Birthday: May 29, 1986 
 Birth Place: Seattle, Washington 
 Position: Rapper, Vocalist 
 Height: 178 cm 
 Weight: 65kg 
 Education: Senzoku Gakuen (College of Music – Japan) (Absense of leave) 
 Facts: * he is half Japanese, half Korean (his mother is Japanese) 
* speaks English, Japanese and Korean 
 * he was scouted by MC Mong and was in the original line-up for Dalmatian, but left prior to debut to pursue solo activities 
 * featured in songs for MC Mong such as 로반줄아 and Dalmatian Love 

 -Twitter: http://twitter.com/SouLoSimoN 

  [Former member]

DAY DAY "Dalmatian Rapper"
Real name: David Kim
Birth date: September 20th, 1983
Height, weight: 170 CM / 60 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: Maryland University
Siblings: Only child.
Hobbies, specialties: Working out, translating, & rapping in English.

* Rap trainer in JYP and other companies (2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Sistar, & Secret)

Featured in:

* Lee Hyori's "Shall We Dance" & "Straight Up"
* Wonder Girls' "So What"
* Uhm Junghwa's "Come to Me"
* Wheesung's "This Kind of Situation"
* Ivy's "No"
* Son Dambi's "Start"

[left for military]
DARI "Dalmatian Rapper"
Real Name: Lee Dari
Birth Date: July 4th, 1984
Height, weight: 176 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christian
Education: Yewon Arts University
Siblings: 3 older sisters
Hobbies, specialties: Fishing, drawing

* Featured in MC Mong's 4th & 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Variety Mind"

Yeahhh!!! My fav is Jisu!! Love his voice <3 but his smile is a little bit weird..haha..nevermind..Young Won is incredible cute!! Waaaa~ plus the new member, Simon is quite handsome and I like his rapping too! ;DD

Cred: koreantopnews, livejournal, http://hallyu8.com/topic/4076-dalmatian-dayday-quits-dalmatian/


  1. The other reason "are very loyal, never shameful, have an outgoing personality, and are free-spirited." - HAHAHAHHA sumpah tergelak2 je bace hahhaa

    lol mc mong, ape jadik eh ngan dalmatian lepas kes mc mong tuh? hurmmm :/

    jisu muka cam junsu 2pm la plak! hahahhaha

    fav kte drama~ xsangke die magnae hahah 2nd young won. comel gle die wat bow wow wow~ kat round 1 haha then jisu hehe muda2 smua then baru inati hahha ape punye name da haha

    dah hafal muke dorg smua hehehe ngan namee, tp xreti matching name ngan muka kekadang haha

  2. Young won ! hehehe. Mc Mong tu manager die. rasenyela *sibuksibuk*.

  3. @flyfonix- hhahaaa..sifat anjing..perghh..sengal..

    hahaha..ntah..ok je tgk..still wat perfromance lg en..

    eh,mne de! jisu lg comel dr junsu..suara die sgt cute..heeee

    ouhhh..kte 2nd young won n then drama..tau xpe..amek yg mude2 dlu..inati last eh..nme sdp2 then stage name nme plik2 lak..isk3..

    haaa..xpe2..sng je nk knl dorang..

    @aimie- young won comel gilak!! hahaha..yupp..diorang under syarikat mc mong..so,mc mong the manager..kehkeh..

  4. jun.k's long lost brother!!!! jisu looks more alike with junsu rather than his cousin, mika XD

    thank you for the profile XD

  5. @chazz- omo,who is jun.k???lost brother?? haishh..i dunno about them much..

    jisu has cousin,mika?? isn't mika from d-na??hahaahhaa..

    okayh..no problemo~

  6. haha junk tuh junsu la awin, adehh...

    manede, junsu lg comell hahahhaha

  7. @flyfonix-eh??yeke??? lohh..mne org tau..hahaa..kk..

  8. I Love DRAMA and YOUNGWON so much.. They're both cute! ^ ^

  9. hmmm...
    mne dalmatian rrr...
    daa ilang r..

  10. @anon1-hahaa..love drama too! he sings duet with yoseub arghh..both of them are cutee!!~

    @anon2- huhuh..tu rr..tp de dgr2 gak diorang nk comeback next year..heheee :)

  11. @flyfonix LOL i have the same thing with you. Jisu remind me with Junsu 2PM. they have same face and have a great vocals too :D

  12. wow i`m fan of it because of the variety show at oh my school. daniel is there. :) dalmatian fighting :D


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