13 October 2010

Various K-Pop Artist (Group Of 20) - Let's Go! MV

Woh, almost every group has their representative here =D G20 Seoul Summit Song~ It is overwhelming to see so many many groups in one mv! But it would be super awesome if all of them are my bias keke I should be the director then XD

Give it up for the gentleman~ Junsu (2PM), JunHyung (B2ST), Sungmin (Super Junior), Chang Min (2AM), JongHyun (SHINee),G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins)...

Hey ladies~ Yeah~ GaYoon (4minute), Min (miss A), Gyuri (KARA), SeoHyun (SNSD), JaeKyung (Rainbow), JiYeong (AS), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (Secret)...

Solo artist G.NA, IU, Son Dam Bi, Seo In Guk, Anna...

Most of them are the main vocal of the group XD Except for Junhyung~ That's just make him more precious XP

Let's Go (Korean Ver.).mp3
Let's Go (English Ver.).mp3
Let's Go (Inst.).mp3


  1. yeaahhh..comel2!! GO ngan iu comel gle..haha..sume de..fav kye un de gak..gayoon,changmin,junhyung,gyuri,g.na..woww!! bez tol tgk rmai2 dlm 1 group..hehehe

    eh,kte tmbh link mp3..sje2 je..hahaha..

  2. keke thanks awin! memang nak tambah sanye hehehe

    haha kte susun ikot turutan fav uh hahaha


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