04 October 2010

U-KISS 4th Mini Album [BREAK TIME] Teaser

Another group is coming back, none other than our beloved U-Kiss! Wohoo! They've been to Malaysia before and all of us get too see them up close. Still can't forget their mesmerizing sparkling sparkling eyes~

Must watch!

This is seriously awesome teaser! Shirtless O_o *nosebleed* haha Can't wait for the full MV and their comeback! Hwaiting U-KISS!

Oh man, just heard their mini album, the song in the teaser is actually their intro song only :/ They should make it looongeerrr~


  1. yeahhh!! baru je tgk td!! cpt nye kmu da post..bagus2!!

    hahahaa..look at kevin's body!! punyer laa kurus dlu..skang cam hot glerr..de abs en?? x nmpk sgt..hahaa

    haaa..da dgr lgu2 yg len gak..cam sme je sume..hahaahaa..

  2. teaser die besh gle hahaha

    lagu die plg sdp yg intro, apakah? efedfnjsnksdn


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