17 October 2010

Nine Muses Performs Ladies on Inkigayo

Cred: jackhklee1

Wahhh..Nine Muses is return back to stage with Ladies..I'm totally in love with their performance! It looks like they are transforming! The way they perform are very elegant and sexy..plus their long legs and modelling height..aigooo..I like! It's better than No Playboy to me..

Chakkaman!~ Do you know who is sing at the beginning?? Well, she is Lee Sam..The main rapper but she has a great voice too and haa her hair is shorter than before..hahahaa..

Still have no idea who is she and she...hahaha..do check it their profile HERE =D


  1. haha suka part tonight~ aaa~ aaa~ punye dance XD

    kte rase kte suka yg rmbt pndk kat tgh tym last uh hahha

  2. hahaha..haah!! part uh sexy en..flexible laa dorang..

    ermm..haa, x igt yg mne 1..rmbut pndek de 2 org je kot..


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