11 October 2010

2PM - I'll Be Back MV + Still 2.00PM

I just can't stop smiling =D Welcome back 2PM!!!!

Loveeee the choreography! I started to laugh as soon as they begin to dance. Funny and cuteee lol I can't stop grinning, but wasn't it supposed to be serious/sad? XD Especially the chorus part, jogging/shuffling? keke Chansung part is aerobic~ harhar

Khun rap in English =DDD

Junsu is freaking hottt, so does Junho ^^ Love Junho's hand haha

1 Still
2 I'll Be Back
3 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me)
4 I Can't
5 I Know
6 Dance2Night
7 I'll Be Back (Club Mix)

I was waiting for the usual 2PM's song but all of their new songs are somewhat different. Can't find any beastly-dancing song XD But but why do I still love it? XD Still 2PM, true. Tho its not the same as their previous song, but the 'feel' is the same. My first thought was, wow what happened to them? They become somewhat sweet beast!!!! keke My current favs are Still, I'll Be Back, 니가 나를 떠나도 and I Can't. Still don't have time to listen to all of them properly yet.

Can't wait for their performance!


  1. hahhaa...lwk gler tgk mv uh..tau xpe..cam shuffle..chansung kat dpn lwk gler!! HAHHAHAHA!! tlg laa weh..rmbut taec xleh diterima laa..x sesuai lgsg.. nichkun hensem glerr!!! hehehehe..

    junsu xde keje pkai seletep itam kat mke..haaa..junho kat tgn die uh..smart gler...hhahaa

    lagu i'll be back ni dgr byk2 kli bes gak laa..lagu I Can't slow tp bes laa..

    neway, x sabar nk tgk comeback perf diorang!! msti gempak..haaa..

  2. HAHAHAH AWINN!! LUPE NAK SPAZZ PASAL RMBT DORG HAHHA Tae buat rmbt nickhun yg lame hahahha

    ahahah xleh bla, pakai seletep itam kat muka hahaha smart arrr hahahah

    chansung punye part lwk nk mati hahahah

    shuffle uh, wlaupun lwk, tp cool. cuba buat, mesti xjdk XP

    lagu dorg sweet, tgk lyric. yup slow tp beshh. slow tp xcam 2am un, still cm 2pm haha

  3. hahaha klaka gle dance dorg!! cm aerobik hahaha. omo 2pm's dances are always so funny to me lol. but i quite like the song lol. wtf junho dh jd main vocal cm junsu gak eh? super crazy!!! X)

  4. @aox- hahahaa..tau xpe!! shuffle eh..tgk chansung plg lwk..muke gler focus lah..hahhaaa..i like the song too..nichkhun rap in english againn!! hahaaa..

    hahhaa..mmg, junho ganti jaebum!! Wohooo!


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