28 October 2010

2AM - Like Crazy & You Wouldn't Answer My Calls MV's + Saint O'Clock Album

Yeahh! 2AM is back~

Another group from JYPE is coming back to stage! It's 2AM turns after 2PM's comeback for the last two weeks with their new mini-album..It seems like all the idol groups from JYPE made their comeback this month right such as Miss A, 2PM and now is 2AM..I was like WOW! This would be a great competition between the groups..I wonder who is the winner for this upcoming weeks..hahahaa..

Okayh, Saint O'Clock is 2AM's first full-length album..Congratulations 2AM! hehee..It was an awesome album..All the songs are great..Well, It's 2AM right..Everyone have known their talents..hahaa..About a week ago, 2AM teased us with many audio and video teasers for this album...I kept waiting and waiting and finally on 25th October, they revealed two MVs for 'Like Crazy' and 'You Wouldn't Answer My Calls'..Wait! You must prepare yourself some tissues before watching these..Both of the MVs would make you cry..heee~

Like Crazy's MV
Cred: ibighit

As for me, Like Crazy sounds a bit like their famous song before which is I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die..but i still like this song! Jinwoon is so handsome! I like him in black hair! hahaha..No doubt for Changmin's vocal~ Wahhh..Everyone is crying in this MV..I feel like crying too..meremang bulu roma k..sob sob

More about this topic under the cut XD

You Wouldn't Answer My Calls's MV :
Cred: ibighit

The song sounds good to me but the MV really make me so confused! Arghh..Luckily, I found an explanation for the MV..She said that "In the beginning, Seulong was thinking about his girlfriend, starring actor Oh Yeon Seo because she was already dead, but then suddenly, he got a call from her which got him confused because he thought she was dead. Then he runs to the crime scene. He realizes that when she called him, she was in OCT 25 while he was in OCT 26, so then he calls her again to not open the door since he knows whats gonna happen. But then she opened the door anyways. So he was basically contacting her from the future " All of you get it? The guy at 0:54 is the killer by the way..thanks to QutieAZNgirl@youtube for the explanation..

Saint O'Clock's Album :)

01 Intro - Phone
02 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (You Wouldn't Answer My Calls)
03 미친 듯이 (Like Crazy)
04 바로 나야 (Just Me) (Feat. Glam)
05 Mirage
06 다시 사랑하기엔 (To Love Again)
07 이젠 없다 (No More)
08 불안하다 (Nervous)
09 Love U, Hate U (Feat. 방탄소년단)
10 With Or Without U
11 사랑한단 말 못해 (Can't Tell You I Love You)

I love track #2 , #9, and #11 the most! Like the album <3 2AM JJANG!! I think they are already started their album promotions this week..Must watch their comeback performance! Heee ;D

Oh ya, Thanks Alia for uploading the album..my internet connection hampeh! hahaha..


  1. 2am!!! wohoo skrg mood tgh jiwang2 melancholic sesuai sgt la dorg comeback skrg harhar

    jyp family on one stage! comel gle! well, jyp fam is my no1 kpop company hehe then cube XD

    like crazy - sukaaa, lirik die sgt besh

    you wouldnt answer my call - serius mv die gempak! story line die gle syok. korea mmg terer wat story line mv an? pendek je tp menyentuh hati jiwa dan raga hahaha hyperbola terlebih XD

    xdgr lg smua... tapi nnt nak dgr skali tgk lirik XD

    no problemo... tgh boring lg pun hehe nak update xde mood XD

  2. gahhh..mine cube comes first n then jyp then sm..hahaaa..

    Like crazy sumpah feeling gler dgr..lirik die perghh..

    hee..tau xpe!! mv korea klo story line msti mle2 tgk x phm en..kne de sub bru phm..tp mmg menusuk kalbu sanubari laa..mmg kena dgn title lgu..

    haaahaa..sume lgu 2am GEMPAK! lgu fast diorang un best..hheee..


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