01 October 2010

Miss A - Breathe MV + Step Up album

Ops, I guess I still owe you guys Miss A profile XD Miss A who just debut this year with Good Girl Bad Girl and impressively swap all the music award, has finally comeback! Remember those colourful teaser? Breathe~

Okeyh, I don't really know what to say. I like it but something feels weird lol Omo so colourful, my eyes are like O_O So different from Good Girl Bad Girl where they only wore black and white hoho And wow excessive dance move! I don't know whether I like or not yet. Hurmm Still, can't wait for their comeback!
01 Step Up
02 Breathe
03 멍하니
04 그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ


New word for this month : Soom = Breath
Word from last month : Baksu = Clap
Next month? XD


  1. hahaha..1st dgr lgu ni cam tah pape tah..x best un..tp ble dah dgr byk..hrmmm..part chorus je leh diterima..hahaha..

    tarian dia un pelik sket..x ske sgt laa lgu breath ni..lgu step up ok sket! track no.3 lgu slow best gak..n last track catchy gak..DJ en tjuk dia..hahahaaa..

  2. part no oh2 je besh haha

    nak tgk dorg perform dlu hoho

  3. Hey.. Getting an error on the link for track 3 & 4. Love the work you are doing BTW. =D


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