20 October 2010

Co-Ed School - Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom and Loving You [MVs]

2 different concepts!

Co-Ed is the new mixed gender group from Core Contents Media which is already debuted three weeks ago with 'Too Late'. I'll do their profile later okayh..hehehe..Now for their follow-up promotions, they undergone a 180° transformation, ditching their futuristic concept for a more cutesy colorful concept..and finally released two more MVs for 'Bbbiribom Bberibbom', and one for their ballad track,'I Love You A Thousand Times'..

Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom MV (Story Ver.)
Cred: coremidas

I saw a guy looks like Kim Jun (T-Max)! hahaaa..By the way, they released two versions of this song..The story version which features a cameo from T-ara’s Eunjung and the dance version is also good..
Haaa, besides, ten members group Co-Ed will be showing off their vocal talents through their new pop ballad track, “I Love You A Thousand Times.” I like this song :) Watch it under the cut :-

Loving You/I Love You A Thousand Times MV
Cred: coremidas

I only recognised the girls only, especially Chanmi and Soomi who are the vocalist..hyoyoung(Hwayoung of T-ara's twin) sings only one part..Hyewon also does't have the solo part..the guys ermmm..most are taking part in harmonizing during the chorus except for Yoosung..aigooo~ But I still love the song..Wonderful vocals and harmony! I'll search about them later to do the profile..hehee...Well, Good job Co-Ed!! This is the first time i like the mixed group! <3


01 삐리뽐 빼리뽐 (Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom)
02 삐리뽐 빼리뽐 (Remix Ver.1)(Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom)
03 내 심장을 뛰게 하는 말 (Loving You/I Love You A Thousand Times)

Watch Co-Ed group starting on October 21st through Mnet’s M!Countdown!~

*Done with Co-Ed's profile! Click HERE to view the post :)


  1. wow! u r so fast knowing these...thanx...

  2. heheh..not so fast lah..these MVs released 2 or 3 days ago..hehe..

    ouh..u r welcme! :)

  3. hahaha suka2. dorg da show 3 konsep da skrg... tp cm ntah pape laki byk gleee!!! cm xde function je =.= bek pgl back up dancer je hahaha

    omg lol plg tua dorg 89???! plg muda 95 (KOT) hahahha gle muda dorgggg hahahah

    oh oh suka lagu2 nhhhh, beshh

  4. @flyfonix- tu rr..laki xde function lgsg..harap muke je ensem2..hahahaa..

    haah..soomi 89..ex-seeya..yupp2..plg muda 95..dah mcm teen top da mde2..hahahaa..

  5. ade sorg tuh hensem. haha yg len xde ar hensem sgt hahha

    tuh ar muda2 cm ten top la plak. igt tuaaa??? hahahha

    suka dance sorg hahahhaa comel. ngan tarian kat too late kekeke lol baru pasan. dorg muda tp da dance sexy gle hahah

  6. hahaha..x puas ati ni..nk wat profile dorang nnti! kte un ske de sorang yg ensem ni..die nynyi 1 part je kat too late..hahahaa..

    hahaha..tp xde rr sexy sgt tarian dorang dlm too late..tp nmpk cam tue laa dorang..kah3..


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