30 October 2010

Girl's Day - Nothing Lasts Forever MV

Okayh..Who's who?? +blur+

Rookie girl group, Girl’s Day, has finally released their comeback MV 'Nothing lasts forever', for their 2nd single album called Girl's Day Party #2..With the two new members added in the group..I feel that Girl's Day has becoming a quite different group..

Check out their MV below:-

Cred: girlsday5

Haaa..I still can't recognized all of them except for the magnae,Minah..Arghh~ tension..heh..By the way, i was totally surprised that they are really transformed! The song is way more better than their debut song, Tilt My Head..They are transform into a sexy ladies wearing the black leather outfits rather than showing cuteness like in Tilt My Head before..I still remember that they wore wigs and used microphones with different colours..hahahaa..But i really like their single after Tilt My Head album, How Do I Look..and i think Nothing Lasts Forever definitely got potential to be a hit! =D

View Girl's Day's profile HERE =D


  1. i cant recognize any of them aaaa mls XP

    yup len gle dr debut hahaha tp 1st tym dgr cm serabut je lagu nh hahah cam lagu disko je hahaha tp dgr balek ok la gak XD

    eh minah magnae lg ke skrg?

    apakah mcm les je dance die hahahha

  2. haha yeah same! first time listen i was like wtf its nothing like the teaser, i likd the teaser a lot. but then afterwards i like the song after more listens. yeah! skrg i only can recognize minah and shes like way sexy now for sum reason lol. they're still like babies arent they?

  3. @flyfonix- hahahaa..haah aa..minah bkn magnae dah skang..yg bru msuk,haeri yg magnae..lhir thn 1994..

    hahaha..de sket cam les..sexy kot..

    @aox- hhaha..teaser xde pape pun..tp dorang nye outfit cam 4minute-hot issue en..xleh blaa..

    hahaa..babies pe nyerr..leader born in 1986..magnae,haeri 1994..heh


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