29 October 2010

2PM's Biggest Fan At Synnara Fansigning

lol This is daebak hahahahha Can't stop laughing hahah Must watch!

This is how we should do it when we meet our idol kekeke Just kidding XD Junho is sooo damn sweet haha Others just laughing and smile awkwardly+scared XD

The fan keep saying the same thing to all of them over and over again haha such a player XD I would do the same tho, if I have the guts hehe
-Tell them you love them
-Tell them your name for 100x
-Tell them how good looking they are
-Ask them a favour, say good luck or i love you
-Hand hand HAHA
-Be extra ordinary so they will remind you, scream or wear weird custom HAHA XD

At least, it's better to scream than just staring at them with half mouth open... aite? HA HA


  1. GILA tol pompoan ni!! skt tlinge dgr! hahhaa..taec laa plg lme en..sian glerr..jwb yes yes yes je..siyes sengal gler pmpoan ni..hahaha

    Junsu x lyn sgt..gelak je lebeyh..hahaaa..

    Wooyoung msm je first2..pas2 snyum2 ckp "i like u too" hhehee..lastly ckp hwaiting tp x pndg un pmpoan uh..hahaaa..

    yupp..junho je yg lyn..first2 jerit oppa kat pmpoan uh!hahaa..lastly ckp hwaiting..comel~

    part khun lg laa..asl die ckp nme die khun?? pas2 jihyun jihyun hahaa.."Doesn't ur throat hurt?" lwk gler laa..tergelak2 tgk..

    Chansung baek je..pmpoan uh ckp lju gler kt chansung uh..smpai xde sub dah..hahahhaa..

    jihyun jihyun!!!~hand hand hand!!~ perghh..

  2. hahahahhaaha lawak ar, serius lawak gle gle gle haahhahah

    taec cam terkejot gle2 xready hahaha xtaw nak wat ape sian die hahah junsu kat sblh gelak2 je XD comel gle muka junsu tym pndg taec hahah

    junsu ckp2 gak tp slow haha junsu an pemalu XD me me me me! haha wooyoung kasik mic kat die XD

    junho lawak comell je. huh? Jihyun! mworago? Jihyun! huh? JIHYUN! aaahh~ comel comel siap lambai2 pndg pmpn tuh hahah

    tersasul2 name die khun hahahah lwk gle~ ninchkhun bek je tanye die xsaket tekak ke. yo2 je ckp tak, i like it. skali time last2 this is tiring~ hahahahahhahaha sumpah lawak

    chansung bek je layan die XD

    last2 pompuan uh ckp annyeonghigasaeyo~ hahha comel je XD

    pmpn nh rap ape hahahah

  3. lmfaoooo!!!

    i was already laughing so hard when taec was freaked out by her, poor taec.

    wooyoung and junho look like they can handle crazy fans pretty well

    but i can't believe nichkhun! he was just enjoying the whole spectacle she was so funny and he's like laughing as hell, lmao so adorable!! XD

    p/s: that gurl is cray crayyyy, but very smart hahaha


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