04 October 2010

SHINee - Hello MV + Repackaged Album

With all those gengsta dark feel from Ringdingdong and Lucifer, I really do miss the old bling bling sparkling cute SHINee! Love the songggg since the first time I heard it and saw em perform at MB lol

Thumbs up for the mv. Could I have flower from Onew, ring from Key, Big teddy bear from Minho, and whatever that thing in the box from Jonghyun plus that doll or ermm dunno what it call that Taemin draw for me.

lol yeah I do think this song feels like Suju - No other for some reason, Aoxora.... And some part of the mv looks like F(x) - Nu ABO XD

Onew - Somebody gives me scissor please, I wanna cut his hair... really bad.
Jonghyun - You never change, didn't you? Same hair cut, same awesome voice.
Key - lol with all that red outfit you need to wear XD But I really loveeee your hair Kibum ^^
Minho - Why you look so thin? :/ He sings he sings!
Taemin - Wow, you improve a lot kiddo. Love his hair too keke

02 Hello
03 하나 (One)
04 Get It


  1. hahhaa..comel gler mv die!! i like this song so much!!! cam no other gak sket2..best2..

    hahaha..tol2..tlglah potong rmbut onew uh..tp last part comel gler onew..nak ketuk pintu pas2 mke malu2..adoii..cair kot time tuh tgk..hahahaa..

    key pkai bju merah!! sume merah en..sabo je laa..

    minho nmpk hensem lak pkai kot camni..

    taemin cam bese..pretty!

    si jonghyun cam bese je rmbut die en..x brubah un..hahaha..

  2. comel an comel an XDDD concept same cam no other hahaha tp version, 'would you be my gf?' instead of 'would you marry me?' XDDD in other word, version kanak2 ribena yg comelll hahahah

    hahahah awin, onew ketuk pintu rumah kte uh, xkan xperasan? XDDD

    taw xpe! first tym tgk key kat mb cam erk.... asal smua merah hahaha xpe dorg perform da tukar baju skrg, lg smart heheh

    Minho kurus gleeeee!!! da la tggi, mcm tiang XP

  3. The reason why some moves look like Nu Abo to you, is 'cause the one who choreographed Nu Abo and Hello are the same persons. :)

  4. @anon - keke no wonder.... but I was talking about the mv haha


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