02 October 2010

B2ST/BEAST - Breathe MV + Comeback Stage + Mastermind Album

BEAST time!! Changed to excited mood =D Forget the books at a moment..hahaha..2 weeks more before the final exam! Heeeee =p

Haaaa..smart gler gmba ni~

After releases the teaser of SOOM (Breathe) in the 3rd mini album called Mastermind, many fans got excited and can't wait for their full MV to come out especially me..hahaha..After a few days, Cube Entertainment has finally revealed the MV of SOOM on 29th September 2010..Haaa..You guys must watch this MV because is JJANG!! with their new brand image and songs! =D

Cred: beastofficial

WOWWWWWW!!!!~ I love Breath so much!!! with the awesome dancing movements! Omo..Junhyung's hair is really cool..Yoseub with black hair! My baby, Dongwoon also got a new short hair! the leader, Doojoon aahhh so handsome! My favourite Ki Kwang is so cute~ and his HOT body! And last but not least Hyunseung with a long hair right..I don't like his hair because it looks messy but still love him! Aigoooo~ They are really becoming the handsome BEAST!! hahahaha..

Yesterday, 1st October 2010 was their comeback stage on Music Bank! Watch their hot comeback stage under the cut below:-

Cred: kty1014

Arghh!! BEAST always look so cool on stage! I'm so excited and jerit2 watch their performance! Hhehehhee..I think I can't get enough sleep tonight, still thinking about them..ahahhaa...Aigoo~ tomorrow I have class okayh..Tiredness and laziness melanda diriku :(

Mastermind 0_0

01. Mastermind
02. 숨 (Breathe)
03. V.I.U (Very Important U)
04. Break Down
05. 주먹을 꽉 쥐고(Clenching a Tight Fist)

p/s: I love the album!! Track 5 is my favourite for this time being..hahaha..Breathe too! BEAST HWAITING!!~ Wahhh.. bestnyer dpt beli album Beast!! Thanks Chibi and Alia~


  1. gempak.

    ok sanye byk nk bebel tp mate da ngantuk gle nh haha

  2. hahaaha!! ok2..xyah la comment dlu patutnyer..tido2..

  3. ok bermulanya komen ku yg pjg lebar....

    first tym tgk mv cm, WOH sambil mulut ternganga, besh gle!!! then reply byk2 kali smpi skrg un dok reply2 hahaha serius besh!

    yup2, choreography die sgt cool!! suka part yg dorg pusing2 mase mule2 uh, pas2 part kikwang ngan hyunseung plg cool gle hahaha kiri~ kanan~ kiri~ kanan~ jatuh~ naik~ hahaha unoewhatimean

    junhyung cool gle, i love his rap more and more. dua kali rap! part mule and part akhir hahaha cool abes, rmbt da la xcacak comel gleee HAHAHA

    yosoub da hitam blk rmbt! COMELLLLL aaaaaa! da la vokal die sdp jeee hahaha tp tym perf cm ter crack sket XD mwahaha tp ttp comel and besh

    dongwon! ok, sorry awin, kte suka die gak hahaha serius, potong rambut! COMEELLLLLLLL!! GAAAH tp muka die sgt xleh bla tym perform hahahaa serius part die un comel, act smua part comel xtaw nak pilih fav haha

    ehem, and my beloved doojoon! same hair style, same cloth style.... but I still love you XD macho macho machooooo aaaaa

    mastermind nye perf cool gle gak aaaa

    lagu die smua besh, xtaw nak pilih fav hahaha

    hehe da ade duet xigt dunia beli cd an awin? XD no prob, duet xmasuk lg hoho

  4. HAHAHAHHAAH!! bpk pjg cmment dia!!

    yeahh!! siyes sume cool!!!haaa..tau xpe!! asyik tgk blk je mv n perf dorang..kte asyik nynyi je lgu breath kt cni..angau dah..Wakakakaaa...

    hahaaa..haaa..yupp2..smnjak de duet sndri ni..asyik nk bli cd je kje..mmg mmbazir btol..hehehe

    yaaaaaa!! cool gler en solo dance!! smooth gler tgk =D


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