24 October 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 101017 JYJ Showcase In Malaysia

Since the girls insist me to write the fanaccount of what happened when I attended JYJ Showcase in Malaysia on 17th October 2010, so here it goes.

my PERFECT SHOT of JUNSU in JYJ Showcase 17th October 2010 on Twitpic
click the pic to see clear version. :P

you can check this to see pictures I could take while I was there. HERE~

If you guys think I just made up my stories, then believe it yourself. As for me, this was my true experience attending the showcase.I might write in point form. Note, if i write in point form, that's mean the showcase is not living up with my expectation and might be say the worst showcase I've ever attended.

Let me start.. (click Read More, to know the story) (for hardcore cassie, you might be an anti of me when you read this.)

  • I went to there as one of Rock Zone holder. Arrived there around 10.30 a.m or so.
  • When I reached there, I expected that there might two entrances like Redstar stated in their ticket for Rock Zone holder to enter. Guess what, only one entrance for Rock Zone holder and the line entrance was shared with RM103 holder which makes no sense when the entrance will be opened later.
  • As I expected, Rock zone holders and RM103 holders were pushing each other to go upstairs to enter the real entrance around 12.30p.m or so.
  • Soon we stood and waiting to enter the venue until 2.00P.M, Hot weather (which I can bear whenever you are attending the concert) and HEAVY RAIN Greeted us!! And for your information, we entered the venue around 2.45 P.M and were soaking wet from head to toe. 'Thanks' to guards and Redstar/Marctensia for letting us having 'free' shower as well as keep sticking with their procedure to check the unusable tickets and one line procedure to enter when we were soaked and in chaos mode to enter the venue. Believe me, I didn't touch the ground when they were pushing to enter. I went with the flow.
  • Entering the event, I was really upset with Redstar, the guards, Marctensia and whoever involved. I knew some friends who went there as another ticket holder. And guess what, they were not soaking wet as they were done sitting before the rain came. I saw Mike and Baki there. Just from afar.
  • After that, I tried to find a spot to see JYJ performed. I would say this to whoever will be going to purchase Rock Zone ticket later. PLEASE DON'T BRING BANNER!! and also don't bring a small chair or what-so-ever to raise your height more than others. please think about others.
  • To be honest, even I stood as Rock Zone holder, I better say that the seaters were seeing them clearly than me. I can only see them via my camera. DSLR and digi cam.(eventhough for awhile before my battery was taken away by one of the guards)
  • My nightmare happened as I didn't understand anything they sing except when they sang 'Found You'. That's the best moment ever. I can't focus with their
  • The MC, Serena C or whatever her name is, The questions you picked were the worst one I've ever heard in showcase/fanmeeting/concert. And the translator too, what's up with your wrong translations of their words?? The translations were really misleading.
  • The showcase lasted only 45 MINUTES which supposed to be until 2 hours!! My clothes even not dry yet.
  • Last but not least, the showcase ended like 'WTF' expression in my face. i can't believe it's already ended since JYJ only waved to us and disappeared like that when they sang the last song I believe. I even recorded how they just disappeared from the stage and went to the hotel leaving the cassie in the venue afterwards.
  • This should not be forgotten ever: RUDE GUARDS EVER!!! Chasing us away with their whistles as if we're lambs/goats/ cows that just entered the venue without paying. We paid okay.
  • 2nd event happened with the rude guards, when we asked them where we could retrieve my camera battery, they just kept pointing to somewhere/someone which pisses us off. If you guys were there went VIPs were told about where they should be heading to, yeah, that's right. we're the group having fought with the guard at the entrance. In the end, I replaced the battery with my own money. The money I got from the girls for BEAST's albums just flew for the battery price only.
  • and I was told that the guards are being racist. Their own race, Chinese, they just let it go for them to take pictures with DSLR. What is that?? Be fair, okay.
  • And the project Malaysian Cassies tried to do, failed. Sigh... I think we need a leader or so to make it success.
  • And about VIP issues, if only i could comfort the VIPs. Their tickets, seriously not worth with the services they should get.

Overall for me: worst showcase i've ever attended. Never expected there will be more worse showcase than Beast. Even Beast made up their worst management with their best performance.

If you guys think the showcase is the best and that's the first time you're attending a showcase or almost like a concert, i just pity you since this is the worst showcase Malaysia had ever done. This is worse than when  FT ISLAND came.

Done, this is why I didn't want to write fanacc. It will be depressing and can see through that I'm not enjoying the showcase.


  1. lol chibi, patot amek seat duduk je. aku da agak da kalau diri nh mesti xnmpk...

    "i can't focus with their" ha? tergantung

    jap beast dlu sape eh?

    haha nsb bek aku ksk duet beast kat ko XDD kejam gle guard uh xbg balek batery ko -.-

    overall, wow that was.... dunno. I was waiting for jyj spazz lol

    makes me miss geneses dream..........

    sabar chibi....

  2. haha..couldn't agree more.
    but i'm just going to take everything positively.^_^
    since i saw JYJ in front of my own two eyes and all..
    everything u wrote was true though..
    the management yep.it was suck.
    but JYJ themselves,that's the best thing ever.=)

  3. @flyfonix -
    fine, fine.. ak regret la amik rock zone.
    dkat camner pown, ak x nak duk dlm rock zone lagi..

    "i can't focus with their" ko sambung la sendiri.. ak x paham english dorunk sbnanye.

    universal yg bwk beast. :D tp cam siot gak.
    guard uh siot la sumer benci ak. duet beast melayang = duet ak. siot siot!!

    JYJ spazz?? none. Like i said, nothing special. weirdly, they're my first bias. but no spazz about them i could spazz.

    YEAH!! I miss geneses ALOT!! I mean a lot!!

    right, you can take positive.
    thank godness. weirdly, i can't eventhough i'm a positive all the time?? :P

    Management sucks. Too much. But JYJ should at least say bye bye.. =___=

  4. perghhh..sedeyh gler bace..heh..patut rr chibi kol kte arituh ckp cam x smgt nk gi..mmg tol la tuh x yah gi un xpe..

    kejam gler gusrd tuh..dush2!!~

    what the?? 45min je?? kejap glerr!! klo kte un geram gak!! haishh..tu laa..sabar je laa chibi..dpt tgk jyj un dah ok..

    hrmm..nasib baek kte gi u-kiss kan chibi,alia??? hahaha..the best moment kot..heeee

  5. omo, my very long comment lost just like that! damn wifi connection!

    in short, thank you for posting your fan account. I hope you didn't fell sick after being soaked in the rain. and I'm pretty disappointed. they're the voice of the legendary DBSK and I have high expectation from their showcase.. but I like your write-up. it's short simple and precise ^^

    well, other than ZE:A and U-Kiss, I haven't been to concert or big showcases. KHJ was cancelled tho..and I hope Zuno and Jay's showcase will go well or else, I'll demand GDE to comeback in instant!

    hehe~ my sisters and I were like three crazy fans who's been emailing GDE since the day after ZE:A, writing hwaiting and encouraging and persuasive email to them hoping that they will come back soon XD

    Any reps from effpoo4our for Jay Park's FM?

  6. Thanks for the fanacct... Really feel bad for you gal.. Is our local organiser really that bad?

    You know what.. After the FTI's incident, i can tell u that i just dont put any hope to any other event. I even wish that KPOP artist don't come here bcoz we gonna suffer for sure..

    I haven't been to other countries doing all these fanmeeting or showcase, but i have a feeling that they could do better..

    Anyone here can brain wash me? i can't keep on living with disappointment feeling.. sad..


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