08 October 2010

U-Kiss - Shut Up (시끄러)! MV Revealed!

Yesterday, U-KISS revealed the full MV for Shut Up (시끄러)!
Must watch and please get ready with a box of tissues or maybe sunglasses.
The MV is too hot that you can get nosebleed afterwards!!^^ if u want to see better one, watch at ukiss2008 channel.

Subbed by: sushilicious20
Translations: jaejoongie 3 @ soompi

Anyway, Like it or not?
I'm totally hook with this song. **Ukiss biased mode on!**

and do check it out their new look official website!! =3

01 Before Yesterday (Intro)
02 시끄러!! (Shut Up)
03 Light It Up
04 Rock Ya Body
05 Avater
06 시끄러!! (Inst.)
07 Light It Up (Inst.)


  1. hahahaa..xtau laa ske ke x lagu ni..cam pelik je..pas2 part first2 cam man man hani k..

    pas2 x byk nynyi sgt..byk yg sore robot2 je..autotunes en..hahahaa..

    and tunjuk2 bdn lak byk..adoiii..kevin,kibum,kiseop..perghhh!! xleh bla glerr..

    hrmmm..but still love ukiss no matter what..dah bli album diorang da en.hahaa..lantak laa.. 0_0

  2. same ngan awin... xde prasaan lg kat ukiss sbb excited sgt ngan beast kot kekeke

    ok ok wtheck happened to eli's hair? da mcm greasy gle aku tgk hahahhaahhaha da la dia da naik carta aku baru2 nh hahah

    kiseop hottt gleee, naik taraf naik taraf XD


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