12 July 2012

2NE1's I Love You MV + Inkigayo Performance

Sorry I took a while to post the MV, its good now that I can add the SBS Inkigayo performance too! 2NE1 comes back with "I Love You" ooo oo ooo oo~ This track is a mix of 2NE1's signature club sound and R&B verses. Its like 2NE1 and Big Bang's sound is getting more and more similar isn't it?

I like the song, but I thought the verses took too long. My favorite part is when it hits 3:30 where the pace gets faster and CL and BOM is like "I love you everyday, don't get away, take me away!" A bit of english error there but let's not sweat the small stuff.

Animals! Animals on the stage!! O.O Omg 2NE1 can really take performance to another level. What's next a circus on the stage? CL has a parrot on her shoulder (like the pirate that she is). But then for "I Love You" stage there are white and black swans all over the front stage. I wonder what they think of the song..


cr: 2ne1 @ yt


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