03 July 2012

Super Junior is Sexy, Free & Single [MV + Photobook Translation]

Super Junior is back as 10 along with recently military-released Kangin! SuJu is taking another hard shot at fangirls with "Sexy, Free & Single" album. The concept pics I have to say are really misleading because the MV is completely "beautiful male" concept free. Although the SuJu boys do look really good already as they are.

"Sexy, Free & Single" I have to say is really good. I'm not the biggest SuJu fan but I like a few of their songs. Its a subtle electronica song that I would totally listen to! And the entire album is actually pretty good as well, none of that dat-dat-dat-dat nonsense here. I'm glad Super Junior is experimenting with non-autotune songs, they've great vocals.

Sexy, Free & Single MV

At first I lol-ed I thought they said "sexy, free and single, I'm ready to mingle". But then I found out it was "sexy free and single, I'm ready too, bingo!" Omo, the meaning becomes more =.=

Tracklist, concept pics, photobook English translation below~


01 - Sexy, Free & Single
02 - 너로부터 (From U)
03 - 걸리버 (Gulliver)
04 - 언젠가는 (Someday)
05- NOW
06 - Rockstar
07 - 달콤씁쓸 (Bittersweet)
08 - 빠삐용 (Butterfly)
09 - 머문다 (Daydream)
10 - 헤어지는 날 (A 'Good' bye)

Look out below~!


LEETEUK (Leader)

Leeteuk's Message:
You, who sincerely love (our?) music!!
Once again, I express infinite thanks!!
Listen to Super Junior’s 6th album‘s songs and make precious memories!!
With everyone’s precious clicks, we are able to run even harder, thank you for giving us so much energy!! Thank you!! I love you~!!


Siwon's Message:
I hope that our music can become good memories for everyone. Remember this moment now.


Kangin's Message:
Thank you for giving so much love to the album that I was waiting and looking forward to as fans! I will repay everyone’s love with even better music in the future!! Stay healthy always!

 DONGHAE - bride

Donghae's Message:
Hello~ I am Super Junior’s Donghae!
Please give our 6th album, Sexy Free and Single lots of love~!
Buying the full songs like this, you will not regret.
It contains lots of good songs so please listen to it a lot~!

EUNHYUK - groom

Eunhyuk's Message:
Thank you~ I am Eunhyuk~ for buying the song officially, you’ve worked hard!! Listen to it well^^

SUNGMIN - flower girl??

Sungmin's Message:
I am Super Junior’s Sungmin ^-^
Firstly, thank you loving our Super Junior’s album! We will also make everyone pleased through good music in the future~
Listening together with the performance shown on the stage, it is more handsome and exciting^-^!
Please also look forward to Super Junior’s activities in the future~!


Kyuhyun's Message:
I want to express my thanks to everyone that receive a lot from and I will show a even better side to everyone~ lets do it together ^-^


Ryeowook's Message:
Hello! I am Super Junior’s Ryeowook =) Thank you for giving so much love to Suju’s 6th album Sexy Free & Single


Yesung's Message:
oh~!! every~one^^ such cuties~ haha thank you~ be happy always!!


Shindong's Message:
Hello~~~ I’m ShinDong!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to see U. Please visit to Korea!!!! Shall I be there? Oh, I’m hungry…. OMG!

translation credit : 101holic


  1. super junior hopefully enjoy doing a lot of the same community ..


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