12 July 2012

Jo Kwon's Animal Performance + BTS Inkigayo

So did you guys watch Jo Kwon's comeback episode on Inkigayo yesterday? It was amazingg!! Wasn't it?? Jo Kwon performed Animal then I'm Da One, his title track.

Animal performance, I have to say I kept my eyes open the whole time! Jokwon is wearing 19.5 cm heels and dancing! That's like 7.7 inches! I can't even walk properly in 2 inch ones. Jokwon is awesomee, the song is so awesome already, I told you guys its my favorite. I'm so impressed with his confidence with his transformation of something like a male Lady Gaga + Adam Lambert. Jo Kwon did want to show something that only he can pull off. =D

Here's Jokwon's crazy boy practice video for Animal, sorry I can only get you guys the BTS Inkigayo performance, SBS disabled the videos. So below is the MBC Music Core version!

cr: ibighit

MBC Music Core (ft. Jung Ho Suk of Bulletproof Boy Scouts)
cr: mbckpop

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Jokwon's Inkigayo performance and 2AM's Jinwoon backstage dancing to I'm Da One & Animal. X)

cr: ibighit


  1. anyeong~~~ sorry just nk tanya~ sejak bila 2AM bertukar company?

  2. hi atyyuki! 2AM mula2 dalam JYP ent dengan 2PM. Lepastu JYP masukkan 2AM dlm company A.Q ent yang bawah JYP ent, lpas tu move to company Bit Hit Ent bawah JYP ent jugak. Dorg suka tuka2 so xclear sgt bila.

    Kalau dorg solo, mmg kne sign contract lain bawah company. So Jokwon punya solo ni bawah Big Hit Ent. I hope this helps =)


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