05 July 2012

ZE:A Spectacular album + Aftermath MV

Wow! Where did this comeback come from? Our favorite 9-member boyband is back, it's been awhile right? ZE:A (Children of Empire) releases their 2nd album "Spectacular" with title track "Aftermath".

Finally you can see that ZE:A has grown a lot, they all look really mature and handsome, not children anymore! I can name all the members of ZE:A now I'm so shocked, I think by now you can too. Enjoy the MV & the triple decker concept photos below!

Aftermath 후유증 MV

0:30 - Dongjun
0:42 - Siwan
0:55 - Minwoo
1:01 - Taehun
1:26 - Hyunsik
1:40 - Junyoung
1:47 - Kwanghee
2:10 - Heechul
3:04 - Kevin

Okay well this is like the kabillionth k-pop group that made a time-themed song, but I'm still okay with it cuz the song is so refreshing. Check out Dongjun's new T.O.P yogurt hair, but Minwoo.. What did you do to your hair?  Leader Junyoung is so cute! He steps back in this song which is okay. Minwoo, Taehun & Heechul is rapping in here, so Kevin are you off rapping duties now? Hyunsik looks gewwd. Anyways, how did Siwan get so famous suddenly, he looks tired as hell, because of his dramas and cfs? Well I've been saying it since day one.. Siwan is mine bwuahahaha.

01 - Love is Gone
02 - Aftermath (후유증)
03 - Hunter
04 - COY Girl
05 - Body to Body
06 - Never End
07 - Begin with Kiss
08 - Daily Daily
09 - Dirty Cat
11 - S.A.D (Something In A Dream)
12 - Aftermath (후유증) [inst.]

Just because there are a lot of tracks, I wouldn't throw this album away just yet guys. Apart from Aftermath, there are a lot of tracks that are quite spectacular! I knew that Dirty Cat was going to be a fun song, I mean you can tell from the title, haha Dirty Cat..

Ahh, a comeback that I'm happy about is one with really good songs in the album. ZE:A you made me happy





Junyoung (Leader)






Taehun looks like Edward Scissorhands here.. >.<



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