03 July 2012

SISTAR - Loving U MV + Concept Pics

I was really contemplating whether I should have posted this MV because it is so sexy sexy SEXY! SISTAR has fun in the sun travelling in Hawaii for Loving U!

They don't particularly try to look sexy but these girls are just so obviously undeniably hot! It's worse when swimwear comes into the picture along with sailor outfits. Anyways I love the song, its fun and cute summer song and the dance is fun as well. Check out their MV, Dance video, tracklist and concept photos~

Loving U MV

Loving U (Dance Choreography) Video

I wanna learn this, looks fun, but I don't have the body to look as good =/

01 - Loving U (러빙유)
02 - Holiday (홀리데이)
03 - Push Push (DJ Rubato Remix)
04 - 나혼자 (Alone) (Smells Remix)
05 - Ma Boy (Smells Remix)
06 - 니까짓게 (How Dare You) (Demicat Remix)
07 - So Cool (DJ Rubato Remix)

Concept Photos

I love their colorful neon shoes ^^





cr: starshipent@yt

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