29 June 2012

T-ARA's Day by Day teaser MV!

Whoaaaa.... I can't wait for all these comebacks soon, T-ARA, 2NE1, Super Junior, its all going to be daebakk!

I'm going to start freaking out about T-ARA, they will come back as a 8 member group including new member Ahreum. All T-ARA members are so pretty! Even the new ones. The 9th member is American-born Dani, but she's only in the teaser as an actress and will be with the group's consequent comeback.

Day by Day will be released on 3rd July. There will be a 20 minute drama music video.

Day by Day MV Teaser
cr: coremidas

I'm diggin the medieval Lord of the Rings flute intro, sounds super cool. The Sci-Fi scene is a brand new concept for T-ARA YAY for a storyline music video! Jiyeon looks hot even though I don't like her blonde hair, is she an underground mafia Queen?? Hyomin with red hair just shows how awesome she is. I think Dani is suppose to be blind in the story.. Ahh! I can't wait.

Here's a sneak peak of the new members..



Behind the Scene MV Pics:


  1. gila colourful hairs! hahahaha..which one is Dani and Ahreum in the teaser? Dani is the one with red hair kan?? cantik wooo

    waaa, can't wait to listen the full song :DD

  2. so pretty right! i love Q-ri's hair pretty green.

    Dani is the dark hair girl in the teaser, hyomin is the red hair one.

    ahreum isn't in the teaser, at the top picture she's the top left one with black and red hair..


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