26 June 2012

After School's Flashback comeback!

Eight member group After School is back from their Japanese expedition with replacement of leader and a new member. The new leader Jung Ah now replaces the position of Gahee. A new member Gaeun joins other relatively new member E-Young in the new lineup.

After School’s Flashback is a big hit to the sexy concept and this is quite the effort especially while introducing new members. The song is a house track and has its ups and downs. I like the music interlude when each member pops up behind each other, however it was very hard for me to find Raina >.<.

Flashback MV



01 – Rip Off (Korean version)
02 – Flashback
03 – Eyeline (Performed by Nana)
04 – Wristwatch
05 – Timeless (Performed by Jung Ah & Raina)

Rip Off is originally the japanese title track of After School’s Japanese album, but even then I didn’t fancy it much. Nana’s solo in Eyeline follows the same pattern as Flashback as an upbeat club track. I like the titles After School comes up with like Wristwatch, it’s a strange name like “Shampoo” but it matches the reflective romantic ballad. What I really like in this album is the duet between Jung Ah and Raina in Timeless, clearly as the best main vocals, Raina and Jung Ah suit each other’s voices in this addictive and acoustic guitar rung ballad.


JUNG AH (New Leader!)






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