10 June 2012

BIG BANG – MONSTER MV + Special Edition: STILL ALIVE album

Now really, BIG BANG.. what can I say? How can I explain exactly how I feel my heart about to explode from the geniusness that is BIG BANG. I’m totally mind-blown by MONSTER! How about you guys?

Seriously, I think this music video could really contest against my absolute favorite K-Pop music video of all time, Sunny Hill’s Midnight Circus. MONSTER has amazing special effects, costume, cinematography and storyboard (although not easily understood) that are ahead of anyone in the music industry today. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best MV for the entire year!

MONSTER is a cross between a orchestral ballad and upbeat R&B/Hip Hop feel, my favorite part is TOP’s and G-Dragon rap entrances. The rapping style is almost like a conversation but leads ultra smoothly into the song. You can say that it would go in the “BLUE” category of songs, but in its own right is completely different as well, check out the meaning of the song below!


Making of “MONSTER” [ENG SUB]

JAPANESE PV (short ver.)

Gosh! I simply cannot get over the effects of how awesome GD looks, with his red hair with a devil like horn and his mushroom blonde “Number 4 of the Codename: Kids Next Door” hairstyles lol.
-TOP reminds me of one of those Japanese anime superheroes, the kinds who look really dramatic with capes.

-Taeyang, I don’t really like the curled hair, but I feel like he overdances sometimes, I dunno maybe that’s a good thing?

-SEUNGRI! The scratches on his face somehow makes him looks so amazingly sexy, he’s so toned down in this video but his charismatic vibe just jumps off the screen!

-As for Daesung, I know a lot of people are digging him with blonde hair, but I sorta wished he changed to a different color, I think it looks unnatural on him, he’d look good with darker hair color or just change to another funky color, how come only GD and TOP can get crazy colors?


01 -   Still Alive (full song)
02 -   MONSTER
03 -   Feeling (Korean ver.)
04 -   Fantastic Baby (special edition ver.)
05 -   Bad Boy (special edition ver.)
06 -   Blue (special edition ver.)
07 -   Bingle Bingle (빙글빙글; Round and Round)
08 -   Ego (Korean ver.)

All in all this is a great album! I don’t know if the special edition version of songs Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy or Blue are any different from the old ones, but if there is I’d like to know!

New song Monster, is very touching as it’s about Big Bang not wanting the girl to think he’s a monster just because everyone else thinks that he is destructive or dangerous to be around. It speaks a lot about their struggles of the public media blowing up stories of the unfortunate events that happened to big bang last year, but it just shows that certain bad things do not make a person entirely bad.

I’ve just been waiting for Still Alive, the intro in the last album was too good to pass on. I like Bingle Bingle a lot very catchy and Feeling is a fun summer song as well. As for Ego haha, if you’ve heard this phrase before, you’d know its quite funny, I can’t help laughing when GD says “she kicked my ego” lmao.









  1. "I love you, baby i'm not a monster" I heard this song almost everyday bcoz my housemate loves bigbang! hahaha..

    I like Monster too but their MV is kindda scary..GD laa plg menakutkan!

    haha Taeyang's hair mcm kerbau! :O

    Top is handsome as always.. *mcm bajet pun ada gak*

    Seungri and Daesang mcm biasa je..heee XD

    Azra, do you know Simon and Martina from EatYourKimchi? they are vlogger..they commented about kpop mv..hahaha..lawak gila! they did Monster MV also..

  2. haha GD looks so awesomee i wanna marry himm.. haha btol! taeyang omg like kerbau, that hair me no likey.

    i showed this to my sister, and even she was like whoa whoa! when seungri's scratches came out, she was like "whoa! how'd they do that??!" XD

    yeah i know simon and martina i like their vids cuz they're funny, but sometimes i don't like it cuz i disagree with what they say. they came here last May, i had exams so i couldn't go see them =(

  3. hahahah! my housemate pun suka gila kat GD! :p

    pelik gak laa mv monster ni..but it's ok laa..bigbang kan..

    whoaa i know2!! sometimes they kutuk gila2 laa..melampau gak laa..tp lawak and comel diorang..hehehe

  4. haha aah bigbang, i love it tho, even tho dorg x as hip hop as before, i like that they put so much effort in this, they're world superstars now, boleh start menang grammy's un boleh haha.

    yea dulu tgk byk gak eatyourkimchi, tp skrg dorg over sket, tgh tggu ble dorg funny again..


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