09 June 2012

IU – Spring of A Twenty Year Old + Every End of the Day MV

Continuing from the LOEN Ent family, we have IU!

Admittedly when I first saw the teaser, I though “oh here we go another cute, look at my aegyo mv” but NO I was wrong, the MV for the title track Every End of the Day is quite pleasant! The guy in the MV never shows up, but can be seen as shadows. This is a happy ‘I’m in love’ song and I think IU was not overtly cute as it was very sweet that the guy made her smile and happy as his girlfriend aww..

The MV was fully shot in beautiful Venice, Italy, I can really feel the sweetness grr! The album "Spring of A Twenty Year Old" includes the single Peach as well, but I didn’t like it as much. Did IU write this song? Or did she just act like she did in the teaser?

Every End of the Day MV

Peach MV Teaser



01 – Every End of the Day (하루 )
02 – Peach
03 – I Really Don't Like Her ( 싫다)

I really liked Every End of the Day, I dunno why it didn’t win any awards, or did I just miss it? I prefer these types of songs rather than her cute songs like You & I or Good Day though, but that’s just me. “I Really Don’t Like Her” is a nice R&B type song, it shows IU’s versatility as a real vocalist.

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